BritBox March Premieres: What’s New on BritBox in March 2024?

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We're quickly moving towards spring, and there's a whole new list of BritBox March premieres to look forward to as the weather begins to warm up. Aside from a new Agatha Christie adaptation, Lynda La Plante fans can look forward to a HUGE collection of her shows getting added to BritBox in the next month.

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Sometimes, there's a brief delay for new shows to arrive on the Prime version of the channel – so if you're the kind of person who's at home a lot and really wants to see every show immediately after it comes on, we recommend going direct (even if it means buying a Roku or similar device to get it on your TV).

Want to see the more complete lists of recent monthly premieres for Acorn TV and BritBox? Check out our pages below:

New British TV Shows on BritBox in MArch 2024

March 1st BritBox Premieres

Actress Penelope Wilton in a train carriage in Murder is Easy
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Murder is Easy premieres March 1st

Murder is Easy (2023)

This two-part adaptation of Agatha Christie's classic mystery follows Luke Fitzwilliam (David Jonsson), a man who finds himself hunting down a serial killer after meeting Miss Pinkerton (Penelope Wilton), an older lady on her way to Scotland Yard to report a series of suspicious deaths in her village. When Pinkerton herself turns up dead, Fitzwilliam realises she was onto something. 

Douglas Henshall (Shetland) also makes an appearance.

March 4th BritBox Premieres

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Catch Me a Killer arrives on BritBox March 4th

Catch Me a Killer (2024)

Based on Micki Pistorius' book of the same name, this 11-part series tells the true story of her transition from journalist to South Africa's first psychological profiler of serial killers. In 1994, she joins a police task force to help with the hunt for the Station Strangler, a killer who's left a trail of 22 dead boys in his wake. To make progress, she'll have to do more than excel at her job – she'll have to battle against a male-dominated force that views her as an outsider.

March 8th BritBox Premieres

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Helen West Casebook comes to BritBox March 8th

The Helen West Casebook (2002)

This series features Amanda Burton as prosecutor Helen West. Along with her policeman boyfriend Geoffrey Bailey (Conor Mullen), she'll uncover a web of abuse and murder after the dead of a London pharmacist. All three feature-length episodes will premiere at once. 

March 11th BritBox Premieres

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The Governor premieres on BritBox March 11th

The Governor, Seasons 1-2 (1995 to 1996)

Created by Lynda La Plante (best known for Prime Suspect), this prison drama follows Helen Hewitt (Janet McTeer), the first woman to be put in charge at Barfield, a maximum security prison known for its problems. Derek Martin stars alongside McTeer as her second in command Gary Marshall.

Other British TV favourites to appear in this one include Idris Elba (Luther), Adrian Scarborough (The Chelsea Detective), and Sophie Okonedo (Hotel Rwanda). 

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Trial and Retribution premieres March 11th

Trial and Retribution, Seasons 1-22* (1997 to 2009)

This long-running police procedural is another Lynda La Plante creation, and it follows DCS Michael “Mike” Walker in his investigations.

*Given that the show only lasted for 12 seasons, we think this is either a typo, or it means BritBox might be breaking the seasons up differently.

March 15th BritBox Premieres

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Killer Net 

Killer Net (1998 Miniseries)

Written and produced by Lynda LaPlante (Prime Suspect), this series is one of those fun older shows where everybody gets a good laugh at the old technology – but it still has a good story. Fans of the 90s British boy band will enjoy the appearance of Jason Orange as Brent Moyer, and it's also one of Paul Bettany's earliest roles. 

The four-part miniseries revolves around a group of Brighton students who are heavily involved with a video game about planning a murder. When one of their ex-girlfriends is murdered, they begin to fear it might be more than just a game.

Like the more recent crime drama Grace or the 2015 police series Cuffs the majority of the series was filmed in and around the Brighton/East Sussex area. 

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Mind Games

Mind Games (2001 film)

Also created by Lynda La Plante, Fiona Shaw (Killing Eve) stars in this film about a former nun turned profiler who's called in to investigate the ritualistic murders of two middle-aged women.

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Supply & Demand premieres March 15th

Supply & Demand (1998)

Created by Lynda La Plante, this police procedural follows the ESUS (Elite Specialist Undercover Squad) as they investigate some of the UK's sneakiest smugglers and criminal importers. There were cast changes over the course of show's two season run, but two of the most notable names you might notice as you watch are Miriam Margolyes as CS Edna Colley and Larry Lamb (Gavin & Stacey) as DS Simon Hughes.

March 20th BritBox Premieres

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Holloway: Women Behind Bars premieres March 20th

Holloway: Women Behind Bars (2016)

Women make up less than 5% of all prisoners in the UK, which means there are very few female prisons – and many high-profile female inmates end up in the same facilities. Criminologist David Wilson (In the Footsteps of Killers) explores the history of HM Prison Holloway and some of its well-known inmates like Emmeline Pankhurst, Diana Mitford, and Rose West. 

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March 22nd BritBox Premieres

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Season 3 of No Offence premieres March 22nd

No Offence, Season 3

Written by Paul Abbott (Shameless), this gritty Manchester-based police drama showcases the work of some talented serious crimes investigators under the straight-talking DI Viv Deering. Not for the faint-hearted, the series includes more profanity and general “grossness” than some people care for. If you can stomach it, though, it's well worth watching – both for the quality of the plotlines and the complex female characters. Paul Ritter's performance as Miller is quite memorable, too.

March 27th BritBox Premieres

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Time returns for season 2 on March 27th

Time, Season 2

Season two of this prison drama follows a new set of inmates played by Jodie Whittaker, Tamara Lawrance, and Bella Ramsey. Arriving at Carlingford Prison on the same day, the three women will each have to come to terms with their new and unfamiliar world behind bars. Despite the constant threat of violence, they find an unexpected sense of community that often eluded them in the world beyond.

March Premieres, Date TBD

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Gardeners' World will premiere on an as yet unknown date in March

Gardeners' World 2024

Monty Don and many other familiar faces return for another season of gentle, wholesome programming about making the most of your garden. 

While You Wait for March…

Looking for something to watch while you wait on all the new shows coming to BritBox in the first month of the new year? Check out the following:

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BritBox March 2024 Premieres

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