PBS Masterpiece Announces 3 Big June Premieres

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PBS Masterpiece is a funny beast. At times, you have months with almost nothing new – and in other months, they drop several amazing shows all at once. June is going to be one of those months. 

Grantchester, Season 9

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Rishi Nair joins the cast of Grantchester

This Cambridgeshire-based crime drama returns to screens on Sunday, June 16th on PBS and the Amazon PBS Masterpiece channel, and it will mark the final season for Reverend Will Davenport (Tom Brittney). Taking over for Davenport will be Reverend Alphy Kottaram (Rishi Nair, The Marlow Murder Club). 

The season begins in 1961, a period of accelerated social change throughout the UK. Will has begun to think of new possibilities outside of Grantchester, and Geordie and Cathy are struggling to cope with the realities of Esme being out in the world. New drama enters the picture when Reverend Alphy arrives to a less-than-warm welcome.

The new episodes will air as follows:

  • Episode 1 | June 16 – Will and Geordie look into the mysterious death of a circus performer. Will receives an unexpected offer that makes him reconsider his life in Grantchester.
  • Episode 2 | June 23 – An abandoned baby is found on the same day a hotel manager is discovered dead. Geordie faces more complications when Will shares shocking news.
  • Episode 3 | June 30 – Geordie and the new vicar, Alphy Kottaram, clash initially but soon join forces to investigate the murder of a local landowner.
  • Episode 4 | July 7 – Alphy attends a party at a country manor to raise funds for the church, but the evening turns grim when a body is found in the basement.
  • Episode 5 | July 14 – A murder at Esme’s workplace sends shockwaves through the Keating family. Alphy's meeting with the bishop does not go as planned.
  • Episode 6 | July 2 – Alphy and Geordie investigate the murder of an archaeologist, uncovering a complex web of betrayal and deceit.
  • Episode 7 | July 28 – Alphy is shocked to learn that a woman he knows is missing. When her friend is later found brutally murdered, Alphy and Geordie race to uncover the truth.
  • Episode 8 | August 4 – A reclusive man is found dead on the streets of Cambridge. Alphy and Geordie follow a trail of clues that leads them to a startling revelation.

DI Ray, Season 2

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DI Ray

This relatively new crime drama follows DI Rachita Ray, a British South Asian detective who struggles to succeed in a world where both her sex and her colour put her in the minority on most teams. As the initial season opens, we see her given a high-priority case, only to find it may have had more to do with her ethnic background than her abilities.

We don't want to share any spoilers about how season 1 ended (just in case this one is new to you), so we've clipped the official season 2 synopsis just slightly. As the season begins…

DI Rachita Ray returns to homicide to investigate another sensitive and high-profile case centering on the murder of Frank Chapman, the head of a notorious crime family and a local nurse caught in the crossfire. Their deaths ignite tensions across the city, putting DI Ray in a race against time to uncover the truth before the Chapman family act out their revenge and an all-out gang war erupts onto the streets. All evidence points towards a rival crime family, the Mochanis, being responsible for the murders, but as DI Ray starts pulling at the threads of the case, a much more insidious mystery begins to unravel. 

Parminder Nagra returns as DI Ray, along with  Gemma Whelan (The Tower) as DCI Kerry Henderson, Ian Puleston-Davies (The Bay) as Superintendent Ross Beardsmore, Steve Oram (Ghosts) as DS Clive Bottomley, Peter Bankole (Peaky Blinders) as DS Kwesi Edmund, and Sam Baker-Jones (Noughts + Crosses) as DC Liam Payne.

Season 2 will premiere on Sunday, June 16th on PBS and PBS Masterpiece. As always, check your local listings for exact times if you'll be watching on old-fashioned TV.

Professor T, Season 3

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Professor T

Though we love the original Belgian version of Professor T, we also love the British adaptation starring Ben Miller. Given his background as a former physics PhD student at Cambridge, it's not that big of a stretch to see him playing a Cambridge professor. Professor T teaches criminology and struggles with serious OCD, but he's a valuable asset to the local police. 

As season 3 begins, we'll see Professor T stuck in prison and fighting for both his freedom and his career. Holding himself together in a prison environment will require the support of both his mother, Adelaide, and his therapist Dr. Helena. 

Ben Miller returns as Professor Jasper Tempest, along with Emma Naomi as DS Lisa Donckers, Frances de la Tour as Adelaide Tempest, Juliet Stevenson as Dr. Helena Goldberg, Barney White (Petrichor) as DS Dan Winters, Andy Gathergood (Four Lives) as DI Paul Rabbit, Juliet Aubrey (Whitstable Pearl) as DCI Christina Brand, Sarah Woodward (Queens of Mystery) as Ingrid Snares, and Douglas Reith (Downton Abbey) as The Dean.

Episode descriptions haven't yet been provided, but the new season will begin airing on Sunday, June 16th on PBS and the PBS Masterpiece Amazon channel. Check your local listings for exact air times in your time zone.

More to Come on PBS in 2024…

And of course, there's plenty to look forward to throughout the rest of 2024. While we're still waiting on dates and details for most of the year, we know The Marlow Murder Club is expected sometime in the near future, and Hotel Portfino will be returning on July 28th. To stay up to date with all the latest British TV premieres in the US, you can join our newsletter HERE

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New Shows On PBS Masterpiece in June 2024

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