BritBox (US) December 2023 Premiere Schedule

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Much like Acorn TV's December schedule, BritBox's upcoming schedule is packed full of good stuff – including the return of Vera!

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Want to see the complete lists of recent schedules for Acorn TV and BritBox? We collect them all on the pages below:

New British TV Shows on BritBox in December 2023

December 4th BritBox Premieres

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Maid Marian & Her Merry Men premieres December 4th

Maid Marian & Her Merry Men (1989 to 1994)

Created by Sir Tony Robinson, this historical series feels a bit like Blackadder for a younger crowd (a bit less talk of codpieces). It claims to be the true story of Sherwood Forest, offering a fun version of events in which Maid Marian was the brains of the operation and Robin was just a posh, cowardly tailor. 

Like many British shows originally geared towards younger people, it has enough humour and intelligence to keep adults entertained, too. 

This binge premiere will include seasons 1-3 (each with 6 episodes of 25 minutes), an hour-long Christmas special, and a season 4 made up of 7 25-minute episodes.

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December 6th BritBox Premieres

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Bringing Up Baby premieres on BritBox December 6th

Bringing Up Baby (1938)

Cary Grant stars as palaeontologist David Huxley, a man desperate to make a good impression on society matron Mrs. Random (May Robson) in order to get her to donate to his museum. Just before his wedding, he meets Mrs. Random's niece, Susan Vance (Katherine Hepburn), a wildly adventurous woman who immediately falls for the stuffy scientist. The ensuing chaos includes everything from a missing dinosaur bone to a pet leopard. 

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North by Northwest comes to BritBox December 6th

North by Northwest (1959)

Cary Grant stars as New York City ad executive Roger O. Thornhill, a man living a relatively simple life until a spy, Phillip Vandamm (James Mason), mistakes him for a government agent. Hunted and running for his life, he soon finds himself on a cross-country train where he meets the lovely and mysterious Eve Kendall (Eva Marie Saint). 

Of course, this is a Hitchcock film, so you can count on more chaos even after he seemingly escapes by the train. The film is considered one of Hitchcock's finest, and we strongly recommend it to anyone who loves a good movie. Even 60+ years later, it holds up.

December 7th BritBox Premieres

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Archie comes to BritBox December 7th

Archie (2023)

Cary Grant was known the world over for his acting talent, but few knew knew Archie Leach, the man behind the on-screen persona. Jason Isaacs stars in this drama about the real life of Cary Grant, from his troubled childhood to the big lie that shaped his life. The series was executive produced by his daughter, Jennifer Grant, and his ex-wife, Dyan Cannon.

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December 12th BritBox Premieres

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Sister Boniface Mysteries Christmas Special

Sister Boniface Mysteries Christmas Special (2023)

As this Christmas special opens, Britain is in the midst of the worst winter on record. Sister Boniface and her fellow passengers are stranded in a train after a frozen coupling snaps, the last few carriages left alone in the snow. When a precious gemstone is stolen from its safe and another passenger is found murdered, Sister Boniface will have to use her unique set of skills to figure out who's responsible.

Of course, they'll also have to deal with a more pressing issue. With no signs of rescue and a failing generator, the possibility of freezing to death might pose more of a threat than the murderer.

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December 20th BritBox Premieres

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Vera returns December 20th for a Christmas special

Vera Christmas Special

DCI Vera Stanhope (Brenda Blethyn) and her team return to solve a wintry mystery in the long-running, smash-hit series’ first ever Christmas special. The upcoming special will be based on Cleeves' most recent Vera Stanhope novel, The Rising Tide

December 22nd BritBox Premieres

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Would I Lie to You? returns December 22nd

Would I Lie to You, Season 16

Rob Brydon (Gavin & Stacey) hosts this long-running panel show where contestants must lie about their biggest secrets, often to hilarious effect. Two teams of four celebrities compete against each other on each episode. Along the way, they reveal unusual facts and embarrassing stories about themselves – some true, some not. The new episodes will also feature David Mitchell (Peep Show) and Lee Mack (Not Going Out).

December 24th BritBox Premieres

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No Offence comes to BritBox December 24th

No Offence, Seasons 1-2 (2015 to 2018)

Written by Paul Abbott (Shameless), this gritty Manchester-based police drama showcases the work of some talented serious crimes investigators under the straight-talking DI Viv Deering. Not for the faint-hearted, the series includes more profanity and general “grossness” than some people care for. If you can stomach it, though, it's well worth watching – both for the quality of the plotlines and the complex female characters. Paul Ritter's performance as Miller is quite memorable, too.

Christmas Specials TBD

These next few items were announced as BritBox US Christmas specials without specific air dates, so they could premiere anytime roughly around Christmas – keep an eye on your BritBox home screen as we get closer to Christmas and they'll probably have more details available.

Beyond Paradise Christmas Special 2023

On Christmas Eve, the detectives of Shipton Abbot are tasked with solving a case involving break-ins and mysterious gifts. Kris Marshall returns as DI Humphrey Goodman.

Lot No. 249, A Ghost Story for Christmas

Written and directed by Mark Gatiss (Sherlock), this year's installment of A Ghost Story for Christmas adapts Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's short story Lot No. 249. Kit Harrington (Game of Thrones) stars alongside Freddie Fox (The Great), and the story follows a group of Oxford students undertaking research on Ancient Egypt. As they work,  strange things happen around the mysterious Lot No. 249.

You can read both the story and some interesting background HERE on the Arthur Conan Doyle Encycolopedia.

Mrs. Brown's Boys Christmas Special 2023

Brendan O'Carroll returns for another Christmas in Finglas in this half-hour special.

Here We Go Christmas Special

 The Jessop family returns, with youngest son Sam documenting a series of everyday challenges – changing careers, keeping romance alive, trying to get healthy, kidnapping a dog, destroying a pool, and sabotaging a wedding. 

If the series doesn't feel familiar to you like some of the others, it's probably because Here We Go is a relatively recent sitcom. You can catch up on season 1 HERE

December 28th BritBox Premieres

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Princess Anne: The Plot to Kidnap a Royal premieres December 28th

Princess Anne: The Plot to Kidnap a Royal (2023)

Four months after her wedding in 1974, the then 23-year-old princess was nearly kidnapped. Travelling back to Buckingham Palace with her husband after a charity event, a car suddenly blocked their way and the driver, Ian Ball, pulled out a handgun. He shot three people before he attempted to go for the princess, and when he tried to make her leave the car, she calmly replied with an epic line:

“Not bloody likely.”

Ultimately, the incident was ended when heavyweight boxer Ron Russell passed by and stepped in to help. This documentary tells the forgotten story of the event, including interviews with key witnesses.

December 30th BritBox Premieres

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Jamaica Inn premieres on December 30th

Jamaica Inn (2015)

Based on the Daphne du Maurier novel of the same name, this miniseries stars Jessica Brown Findlay (Downton Abbey) as Mary Yellan, a young woman who goes to live with her aunt and uncle who run the Jamaica Inn. There, she soon realises her uncle is using her for an entirely different sort of business.

December 31st BritBox Premieres

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Gardeners' World Winter Specials premiere December 31st

Gardeners' World Winter Specials 2023

Monty and the team celebrate the joy that the gardening year brings with a selection of brand new stories of cultivation, inspiration, and discovery in the exuberant world of horticulture.

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