British TV Shows Leaving Acorn TV in September 2023

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Last Updated on September 3, 2023 by Stefanie Hutson

From time to time, Acorn TV (like other services) has to let go of some of their current titles to make room for new ones. Streaming services have to pay for the rights to make shows available to subscribers, so subscription fees would have to be much, much higher if we wanted every show to be around forever.

We don't love seeing great shows leave, but the list for September isn't too bad. Read on for descriptions and alternatives.

British TV Shows Leaving Acorn TV in September 2023

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Shows Leaving Acorn TV on September 24th

War & Peace (2007)

War & Peace

Based on the Tolstoy novel, this series follows four aristocratic families during the Napoleonic era. Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange), Brenda Blethyn (Vera), Clemence Poesy (The Tunnel), and Ken Duken (Inglourious Basterds) are among the stars.

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Shows Leaving Acorn TV on September 29th

Republic of Doyle

Republic of Doyle, Seasons 1-4

This Canadian crime dramedy follows a father and son investigative agency in lovely Newfoundland. Allan Hawco stars as the rough-around-the-edges PI Jake Doyle, while Sean McGinley (Bleak House) plays his father and partner Malachy Doyle.

  • Miss it? It's also available HERE on Freevee or on Peacock (at time of writing). 

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Shows Leaving Acorn TV on September 29th



Toby Jones and Rachael Stirling (both of Detectorists) star in this drama about residents on a fictional street who receive strange postcards that read: “We want what you have.” As the mystery unfolds, their interweaving stories will also play out.


Kidnap & Ransom

Kidnap & Ransom, Seasons 1-2

This three-part miniseries follows Trevor Eve (Shoestring) as a skilled British hostage negotiator who travels around the world to work on high-profile cases.


Mr. Palfrey of Westminster

Mr. Palfrey of Westminster, Seasons 1-2

Mr. Palfrey might seem like a typical, mild-mannered civil servant, but he’s actually a charming, highly-trained spy. Alec McCowan stars.

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