BritBox January Premieres: What’s New on BritBox in January 2024?

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It hardly seems right that we're already looking at the January BritBox schedule, but the calendar says we're nearing the end of December so it must be right. The new month brings a couple more seasonal specials, but also some very high-profile premieres – including the new season of Father Brown.

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Want to see the more complete lists of recent monthly premieres for Acorn TV and BritBox? Check out our pages below:

New British TV Shows on BritBox in JAnuary 2024

January 1st BritBox Premieres

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Mrs. Brown's Boys returns for another New Year's special

Mrs. Brown's New Year's Day Special 2024 (US ONLY)

Brendan O'Carroll puts on his woman face for another half-hour holiday special as Mrs. Brown. The special sees Mrs. Brown's attempts at a peaceful Christmas thwarted when an important decoration disappears, Cathy attempts to cook, and a surprise guest shows up. As the New Year begins, the gang attempts to make big health changes. 

You can catch up on other Mrs. Brown's Boys episodes HERE

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Chaplin comes to BritBox January 1st

Chaplin (1992 film)

Robert Downey Jr (Iron Man) stars in this biopic that begins with Chaplin's humble south London beginnings and his early days in British Vaudeville before moving on to a silent movie career in America and true, worldwide fame. Behind the scenes, his personal life was often less successful than his professional one.

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January 4th BritBox Premieres

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Season 2 of Reyka premieres on January 4th

Reyka, Season 2 (2021 to present)

Set in the criminal underworld of South Africa, this crime thriller follows the work of criminal profiler Reyka Gama (Kim Englebrecht) as she investigates human trafficking and a depraved serial killer.

Watch season 1 HERE

January 10th BritBox Premieres

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Blind Spot premieres January 10th on BritBox

Blind Spot, Season 1 (2023)

Ross Kemp (EastEnders) stars as DS Tony Warden in this thriller about a young disabled woman, Hannah Quinn (Beth Alsbury) who attempts to solve a murder she thinks she saw on a CCTV while working in a rough housing estate. DS Warden is assigned to the case, but he doesn't believe her. 

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January 15th BritBox Premieres

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Monday Monday comes to BritBox January 15th

Monday Monday (2009)

This 2009 dramedy is set at the main headquarters of a supermarket company that's just moved its team from London to Leeds in an effort to save money. No one's too pleased about the move, so it's a rough adjustment for the team. 

Despite the fact that the show never got a ton of attention, the cast is full of top-tier British TV talent, including Fay Ripley, Jenny Agutter, Miranda Hart, Morven Christie, and Tom Ellis.

January 17th BritBox Premieres

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Blue Lights premieres January 17th

Blue Lights, Season 1 (2023 to present)

This gritty new crime drama has proved immensely popular in the UK, and on January 17th, it comes to the US. The series is set in Belfast, and it follows new police recruits Annie, Grace, and Tommy as they learn to work in a high-pressure environment. Each of them have different backgrounds and unique challenges to succeeding in their new line of work, but with time, they'll learn to work together.

Two episodes air each week for a total of 6.

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January 18th BritBox Premieres

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Royal Autopsy premieres January 18th

Royal Autopsy, Season 1 (2022)

Professor Alice Roberts takes a closer look at the truth behind the deaths of Queen Elizabeth I and King Charles II. She pulls together a variety of contemporaneous accounts and documents, along with the opinions of historical and medical experts.

January 23rd BritBox Premieres

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Season 11 of Father Brown premieres January 23rd

Father Brown, Season 11

This Cotswolds-based cosy returns for another season of seemingly endless murder in the peaceful village of Kembleford. New episodes include a death at an arts and crafts fair, one at a “food fayre to diet for”, and another at a crime writing festival – along with a special guest appearance from Sister Boniface (Lorna Watson).

Two episodes will premiere, then new episodes will air weekly.

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January 24th BritBox Premieres

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The Jonathan Ross Christmas Special premieres January 24th

The Jonathan Ross Show Christmas Special 2023

Jonathan Ross hosts a special holiday episode of his celebrity chat show, offering a look back at some of the show's most memorable guests. They include Oprah, Sandra Bullock, Celine Dion, James Corden, Paul McCartney, and Sir David Attenborough.

January 25th BritBox Premieres

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The Repair Shop comes to BritBox January 25th

The Repair Shop, Seasons 1-2 (2017 to present)

Furniture restorer Jay Blades presents this lovely series in which skilled craftspeople breathe new life into worn and damaged family heirlooms. Fair warning: If you're the crying type, stock up on tissues before you dive into this one.

January 29th BritBox Premieres

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Murderland comes to BritBox January 29th

Murderland (2009)

Robbie Coltrane (Cracker) stars in this unique thriller told from three different points of view – Carrie, the daughter of a murdered woman, Hain, the detective leading the investigation, and Sally, the victim herself. Through the three perspectives, we eventually get to the truth. 

Three episode binge premiere.

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What's New on BritBox in January 2024?

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