British TV Christmas Specials on BritBox: 2022 Edition

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One of the many wonderful things about British TV is that a lot of the most-loved British TV shows make really wonderful Christmas episodes. Instead of simply blending them into the regular season, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day have carefully-planned schedules full of fun shows families can watch together. 

Many long-running sitcoms and dramas do at least one or two Christmas specials over the course of their run – and some shows do one almost every year. Some shows end, only to live on in specials (with no new seasons in sight). 

In this post, we take a look at the ones available over on BritBox – including the new ones being added in 2021.

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2022 British TV Christmas Specials on BritBox: Already Available

A note about formatting – if we write something as S3E4, that simply means “Season 3, Episode 4”.

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Mrs. Brown's Boys Christmas Special

Mrs. Brown's Boys – This long-running comedy has done quite a few Christmas specials, and they'll be adding another one this year. For now, you can find the existing specials listed as S2E7, S3E7, Mammy’s Tickled Pink, Mammy’s Christmas Punch, Mammy’s Forest, Mammy’s Mummy, Exotic Mammy, A Wonderful Mammy, and Mammy's Mechanical Merriment. (listed under “Specials” on BritBox or Seasons 4-5-6-7-9 on Amazon). They also have New Year’s specials.

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Are You Being Served?

Are You Being Served? – This department store-based sitcom has five Christmas specials: S3E9, S4E7, S6E6, S7E8, S8E8

Jonathan Creek – Alan Davies stars in this light mystery series about a man who designs magic tricks while solving murders on the site. There are two Christmas episodes: S2E7, S5E4 (Daemons’ Roost)

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Father Brown

Father Brown – This Cotswolds-based mystery has two Christmas specials: S5E1, S6E1

The Darling Buds of May – This 1950s-based period dramedy had two Christmas specials: S1E7 and S2E7.

The Royal – This period drama had one Christmas special: S3E6

Taggart – Scottish crime drama Taggart had three Christmas episodes: S3E3, S4E3, S6E4

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Dame Judi Dench stars in Cranford.

Cranford – The “second season” of this lovely period drama is often referred to as the Cranford Christmas special. In the US, it's marked as “Return to Cranford” (listed as Season 2 if you subscribe through Amazon)

Lark Rise to Candleford – This fun period drama has plenty of familiar faces, along with one Christmas special: S2E1

Boon – This late 80s/early 90s drama/detective series had two Christmas specials: S5E13, S6E14

Sherlock Holmes – Not to be confused with the more modern Benedict Cumberbatch adaptation, this classic series sees Jeremy Brett in the iconic role. For a bit of murdery Christmas cheer, check out “The Blue Carbuncle”. You'll find it at: S1E7

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Hercule Poirot's Christmas

Agatha Christie’s Poirot – Even Poirot had a Christmas special. You'll find it at: S6E1

Upstairs, Downstairs (1974) – This classic period drama had one Christmas special, and you'll find it at: S3E9

Absolutely Fabulous – Enjoy Christmas with Edina and Patsy in: S5E8

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To the Manor Born's Christmas special

To the Manor Born – This fun Penelope Keith-led Britcom had one Christmas special: S1E8, S4/”Specials”

Blackadder – This period comedy has one Christmas special, “Blackadder’s Christmas Carol” (listed as S0E1 on Amazon).

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Death in Paradise Christmas Special

Death in Paradise – This Caribbean cozy unleashed their first Christmas special in 2021, a festive feature-length episode. On BritBox, it's under its own “Christmas Special 2021” category, but on Amazon you'll find it listed as S11E1. Another special will be released in 2022. 

Chef! – This groundbreaking 90s comedy had one Christmas special: S1E7

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The Gavin & Stacey Christmas Reunion Special

Gavin & Stacey – This Wales/Essex-based comedy had one Christmas special in their original run, but then they came back 10 years later to do another. They are: S2E8, S4E1

The League of Gentlemen – This unusual sketch comedy has one Christmas episode: S2E7

The Office – This workplace comedy has a two-part special listed under a separate season on BritBox: Christmas Special E1 & E2

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Rev Christmas Special

Rev. – Enjoy a hilarious Christmas in an inner-city parish here: S2E7

‘Allo ‘Allo – This bawdy WW2-era comedy had two Christmas specials: S2E7, S8E1

Ballykissangel – This gentle Irish dramedy had one Christmas special, and you can find it at: S3E1

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Inside No. 9

Inside No. 9 – If you're looking for a heartwarming, sappy Christmas special…look somewhere else. “The Devil of Christmas” won't have what you're looking for (but it does have Krampus, which we love). Find it at: S3E1

Father Ted – The classic Irish comedy had one Christmas special: S2E11

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Penelope Keith in The Good Life's Christmas Special

The Good Life (aka Good Neighbors) – This still-wonderful 1970s sitcom about suburban self-sufficiency had one Christmas special: S4E8

Dad’s Army – This vintage classic had several Christmas specials: S4E14, S7E6, S8E7, S8E8

Mock the Week – Not every season of this panel show has a Christmas special, but you can find one at: S18E13

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Keeping Up Appearances

Keeping Up Appearances – You might assume there's a right way and a wrong way to do Christmas in the Bucket (that's Bouquet!) household – and you'd be right. There are four different Christmas specials to help show us the way truly distinguished ladies celebrate the occasion. S2E11, S4E8, S4E9, S5E11

One Foot in the Grave – This classic pensioner comedy had several Christmas specials: S4E7, S5E1, S5E7, S5E8, S5E9

Porridge (1975) – S2E7, S2E8 (under a season called “Porridge Christmas” on the BritBox app)

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QI returns for another Christmas special

QI – This quiz/panel show nearly always does a Christmas special. For the ones available on BritBox, seek out: Season J, E14 (S10E14 on Amazon), Season K, E14 (S11E14), Season L, E12 (S12E12), Season M, E8 (S13E8), Season N, E9 (S14E9), Season O, E9 (S15E9), Season P, E9 (S16E9), Season Q, E9 (S18E9), Season R, E13 (S19E3), Season S, E8 (S19E8), Season T – Episode number not yet available. 

Upstart Crow – This Shakespearean comedy has a couple of Christmas specials: “A Christmas Crow” and “A Crow Christmas Carol” (S2E7, S3E7 on Amazon)

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Vicar of Dibley

Vicar of Dibley – It's only proper that a show about a village vicar should have some Christmas specials. Look for: S1E8 (under “Specials – The Christmas Lunch Incident” on BritBox app), S3E2. There are further specials under the “Specials 2004-2006” tab.

Would I Lie to You? – This comedy panel series has several Christmas specials: S8E0, S9E0, S10E10, S11E10, S12E7, S13E6, S14E1

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Benidorm at Christmas

Benidorm – Even though this playfully tacky series is mostly focused on summer holidays, they managed to squeeze in a Christmas special at: S3E7

Rising Damp  – This retro Britcom has one Christmas special, and you'll find it at: S2E8

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Shakespeare & Hathaway

Shakespeare & Hathaway – This light mystery has done one Christmas special, “No More Desire a Rose” – and you'll find it under S4E10.

Open All Hours – Though this classic comedy never did a full-length Christmas episode, they did do an 8-minute short during a 1982 Christmas special called “The Funny Side of Christmas”. It's not on BritBox, but you can find it if you Google it. We only mention it here for those who want to make sure they're seeing ALL the Open All Hours/Still Open All Hours episodes. 

Still Open All Hours – This follow-up to Open All Hours had six Christmas specials: S1E1, S2E1, S3E1, S4E1, S5E7, S6E7

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Waiting for God didn't have to look for to find a Scrooge…

Waiting for God – Enjoy Christmas at the Bayview Retirement Community in: S3E11

Only Fools & Horses – S1E7, S2E8, S3E8, S5E7, S5E8, S5E9, S7E9, S7E10. Christmas Trilogy 1996 (known as S8E1, S8E2, S8E3 on Amazon), Christmas Specials 2000 (known as S9E1, S9E2, S9E3 on Amazon)

A Ghost Story for Christmas

There's a long British tradition of telling ghost stories at Christmas. While there are conflicting opinions on exactly how the tradition started and how long it's been around, many believe it has links with pre-Christian solstice festivals that viewed mid-winter as a time when the veil between the living and dead is at its thinnest. 

A Ghost Story for Christmas: Original Run (1971 to 1978)

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The Stalls of Barchester (1971)

The Stalls of Barchester – 1971 – Robert Hardy (All Creatures Great & Small) and Clive Swift (Keeping Up Appearances) star in this tale of a cleric who murders an elderly archdeacon at Barchester Cathedral. Afterwards, he's stalked by a hooded figure and an ominous black cat, which seem to be embodiments of the carvings on the cathedral's walls. 

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A Warning to the Curious (1972)

A Warning to the Curious – 1972 – Peter Vaughan (Porridge, Game of Thrones) and Clive Swift (Keeping Up Appearances) star in this film about an amateur archaeologist who travels to a coastal town in Norfolk in hopes of finding the lost crown of Anglia. Legend says there are three lost crowns in total, and that they protect the country from invasion. After he digs up the crown, the archaeologist is stalked by a mysterious figure.

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Lost Hearts (1973)

Lost Hearts – 1973 – Like the previous two, this is another story based on the M.R. James story of the same name. When an orphan moves in with his older cousin, he's disturbed by strange visions of ghostly children. His cousin is a reclusive alchemist obsessed with the idea of becoming immortal. The young boy isn't sure, but he thinks the visions may be a warning to be wary of his cousin's efforts.

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The Treasure of Abbott Thomas (1974)

The Treasure of Abbot Thomas – 1974 – Medieval history scholar Reverend Justin Somerton and his protégé uncover clues about the hidden treasure of a disgraced monk. Though not present in M.R. James' original story, the protégé character allows for the smooth introduction of many important plot details.

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The Ash Tree (1975)

The Ash Tree – 1975 – The Ash Tree is the final M.R. James tale from the show's original run, and it tells of an aristocrat who inherits his family estate and finds himself tormented by visions of an ancestor who participated in a witchcraft trial. 

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The Signalman (1976)

The Signalman – 1976 – Based on The Signal-Man by Charles Dickens, this adaptation was written by someone whose name will surely be familiar to many British TV fans – Andrew Davies (Pride & Prejudice, House of Cards, Sanditon). In this one, a railway signalman tells of an apparition that's been haunting him with warnings of danger that only he can hear. 

If you ever watched the Doctor Who episode “The Unquiet Dead” from 2005, you might remember the Doctor telling Dickens he likes “the one with the ghost”. Dickens thinks he means A Christmas Carol, and he clarifies that he meant The Signal-Man.

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Stigma (1977)

Stigma – 1977 – Stigma was the first of the ghost stories to be written specifically for the TV series (by Clive Exton), and it was also the first to be set in the year it was made. British TV fans will likely recognise Peter Bowles (To the Manor Born, Executive Stress) in the role of Peter. Kate Binchy, Maxine Gordon, Jon Laurimore, and Christopher Blake also starred alongside him. 

This one is less of a classic Christmas ghost story than the ones before it, but it's still an intriguing and fun little film. It follows a family that has just moved to the countryside…near an ancient stone circle (the “Indian burial grounds” of British TV and film). When some workmen try to move a stone in their garden, an ancient curse is unleashed.

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The Ice House (1978)

The Ice House – 1978 – This is the last of the A Ghost Story for Christmas films from the 1970s, and it was another original story – this time, by John Bowen (Hetty Wainthropp Investigates). In this one, a man called Paul has left his wife and moved to a health spa in an old country house. As strange things begin to happen around him, he begins to suspect a mysterious flower growing in an old ice house on the premises. 

This one's not terribly ghostly, but if you enjoy creepy older shows like Thriller or Chiller or Hammer House of Horrors, you'll probably find it an enjoyable watch. 


A Ghost Story for Christmas: Revival Episodes (2005 to present)

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A View from a Hill (2005)

A View from a Hill – 2005 – Going back to its roots, the first film in the revived series is an M.R. James classic adapted by Peter Harness (Doctor Who, McMafia). The story unfolds around a historian who's been asked to catalogue and value an archaeological collection at an old country house. 

The historian, Dr. Fanshawe, waits for his ride at the railway station, only to eventually give up and ride a bicycle. Along the way, his binoculars are broken. When he goes out walking later, he borrows a pair from the owner of the house, only to have a disturbing experience while using them.

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Number 13 (2006)

Number 13 – 2006 – Based on an M.R. James story by the same name, this one stars Greg Wise (Sense & Sensibility) as an academic staying in room 12 of an old hotel in a cathedral town. He notices the room numbers jump from 12 to 14…until one night when room 13 mysteriously appears. 

C.B. Strike fans will enjoy seeing Tom Burke acting alongside his father, David Burke (The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes). 

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Whistle & I'll Come to You (2010)

Whistle and I'll Come to You – 2010 – This adaptation of M.R. James' “Oh, Whistle, and I'll Come to You, My Lad” was written by Neil Cross (Luther) and stars John Hurt (Harry Potter films), Gemma Jones (Bridget Jones series, Gentleman Jack), and Leslie Sharp (Scott & Bailey). 

The adaptation removes one of the key elements of James' original tale (a whistle that, when blown, unleashes an evil supernatural force), instead following a retired astronomer who goes on holiday after leaving his wife in a care home. She has an advanced case of dementia, and he takes a break to visit one of their favourite coastal towns during the off-season. 

When he finds a wedding ring in the sand, he picks it up – after which he finds himself being followed by a still figure dressed all in white.

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The Tractate Middoth (2013)

The Tractate Middoth – 2013 – This M.R. James adaptation marks the first one of several by Mark Gatiss (Sherlock, Doctor Who). In it, a library employee looks for a Mishnaic tractate for a library patron called John Eldred. As he's searching, he meets a mysterious clergyman who also seeks the text.

The clergyman smells of mould and is covered in cobwebs, and this gives the poor librarian such a shock that he faints – leading him to head to the seaside to recover. Unfortunately, his time at the coast doesn't help him escape the riddle of what happened. Even worse, he learns there's a connection between the book and the owners of the boarding house he's staying in. 

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The Dead Room (2018)

The Dead Room – 2018 – Simon Callow (Chance in a Million, The Rebel) stars in this film about a veteran radio presenter who realises his past isn't as far in the past as he might have believed. Fans of A Fine Romance will enjoy seeing Susan Penhaligon in the role of Joan. 

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Martin's Close (2019)

Martin's Close – 2019 – This adaptation of M.R. James' story includes Peter Capaldi (Doctor Who), and it follows the trial of a man accused of murdering a young woman who may have been seen after her death.

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The Mezzotint (2021)

The Mezzotint – 2021 – Rory Kinnear will star in this adaptation of this M.R. James tale about a university art museum curator who receives a mezzotint that changes each time he looks at it. Robert Bathurst (Cold Feet) will also appear. This new adaptation completed filming in February, and will premiere for Christmas this year.


2022 British TV Christmas Specials on BritBox: New in 2022

Even though BritBox already has a healthy library of Christmas specials, there's more to come. Here's what they're adding for this year's holiday season – though many still don't have confirmed dates.

Remember: This is NOT the complete list for BritBox's December premieres. You can view the full BritBox December 2022 premiere listing HERE

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Death in Paradise gets another Christmas special this December

Death in Paradise Christmas Special

Death in Paradise returns for another feature-length Christmas special with guest star Siobhán McSweeney (Derry Girls, The Fall). December 26th

Watch Death in Paradise HERE


Carols From King's 2022

This annual Christmas broadcast takes place in the chapel at King's College, Cambridge.  Each year, the Chapel choir opens a special Christmas programme with ‘Once in Royal David's City', and they perform a new, specially commissioned carol later in the programme. December 24th.


QI Christmas Special

This delightfully hilarious quiz show gives participants more points for interesting answers than correct ones (and nobody understands how they're allocated). Sandi Toksvig hosts this special Christmas episode for season T. DATE TBA

Watch QI HERE. 


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Monty Don will host winter specials for Gardeners' World in 2022

Gardeners' World Winter Specials 2022

Monty Don and his team offer us new stories of gardening, inspiration, and discovery over the course of four special winter episodes. DATE TBA


Mrs. Browns' Boys Christmas Special 2022

The loudest and proudest mother in Ireland returns for another annual Christmas special that's sure to involve plenty of arguing and meddling. December 25th

Watch Mrs. Brown's Boys HERE. 


The Cleaner, Christmas Special 2022

Greg Davies plays Wicky, a state-certified crime scene cleaner. After the detectives leave, he comes in to remove all trace of the ghastly things that have occurred. The job brings him into contact with all sorts of people – occasionally, even the killer.  For Christmas, he'll be encountering a very special crime scene. DATE TBA


Jamie's One-Pan Wonders Christmas Special (2022)

In this two-part special, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver gives us the ultimate guide to making easy Christmas dishes with minimal cleanup. December 16th


Gordon Ramsay: Christmas Cookalong, Seasons 1-2 

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay prepares Christmas dishes while special guests drop by to chat. December 16th


Gordon's Festive Home Cooking

Scottish chef Gordon Ramsay invites viewers into his own home as he shares tips and recipes for stunning winter dishes. December 16th


King's Christmas Address

King Charles III makes his historic first Christmas address. He'll speak of his mother's passing earlier this year, along with his hopes for the future. December 25th.

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British TV Christmas Specials on BritBox (US)

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