Acorn TV January 2024 Premiere Schedule (US)

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Believe it or not, 2024 is almost here – and that means it's time to check out Acorn TV's upcoming January schedule. For those who've been Acorn subscribers for a long time, the upcoming premiere list may seem a bit empty, given that some of the shows were on the platform as recently as last year. Still, the premiere of Monsieur Spade is promising, and newcomers to the service will have plenty of “new to them” shows to look forward to.

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What's New On Acorn TV? The Acorn TV January 2024 Schedule…

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Continuing British TV Shows on Acorn TV in January 2024

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The Graham Norton Show continues on Acorn TV in January

The Graham Norton Show, Season 31

This popular British celebrity talk show returns for another season with guests like singer Kylie Minogue, actor Stephen Graham (Boiling Point), and actor-writer David Mitchell (Peep Show). 

Continuing episodes for January are:

  • January 1st – New Year's Eve Show featuring Emma Stone, Mark Ruffalo, Claudia Winkleman, Rob Brydon, and Ezra Collective
  • January 16th – Episode 12, Guests TBA
  • January 23rd – Episode 13, Guests TBA
  • January 30th – Episode 14, Guests TBA

New British TV Shows on Acorn TV in January 2024

Acorn TV January 1st Premieres

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An Accidental Studio comes to Acorn TV on January 1st

An Accidental Studio (2019)

This documentary film tells the story of Handmade Films, a production company founded by George Harrison in an effort to bring life to productions rejected by more traditional media companies. Without Handmade Films, movies like Monty Python's Life of Brian, Time Bandits, and Mona Lisa might never have been made. This documentary includes previously unreleased interviews with Harrison himself, along with Bob Hoskins, Michael Palin, Terry Gilliam, and Richard E. Grant.

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Doctor Finlay returns to Acorn TV January 1st

Doctor Finlay, Season 1 (1993 to 1996)

After WW2 and before the NHS is created, a doctor returns to his Scottish hometown. The series is based on the Dr. Finlay stories AJ Cronin wrote. He originally created the character for the novella Country Doctor, then created further short stories to be published in Hearst's International Combined with Cosmopolitan magazine in the late 1930s.

If the show seems familiar, that's because it was on Acorn TV for quite a while until it was removed from the platform in June 2022.

Additional seasons will return to Acorn TV as follows:

  • Season 2 – January 8th
  • Season 3 – January 15th
  • Season 4 – January 22nd

Can't wait? This one is also available on most of the major “free with ads” platforms – Tubi, Plex, Freevee, Crackle, and Roku Channel.

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Suspects (seasons 3-5) will be added to Acorn TV on January 1st

Suspects, Seasons 3-5

This unscripted crime drama follows three detectives who each have their own distinct ways of doing things. Running from 2014 to 2016 with a total of five seasons, it stars Fay Ripley as DI Martha Bellamy, Damien Molony as DS Jack Weston, and Clare-Hope Ashitey as DC Charlie Steele. 

Can't wait? All five seasons are also available HERE on the PBS Masterpiece channel. 

Acorn TV January 8th Premieres

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Brendan Smyth: Betrayal of Trust comes to Acorn TV January 8th

Betrayal of Trust  (2011 TV Movie)

Based on investigative journalist Chris Moore's book, this movie tells the story of the horrific serial child abuser Father Brendan Smyth, who managed to get away with his crimes for thirty years. The film features Ian Beattie (Blackbird), Ian McElhinney (Game of Thrones), Richard Dormer (Fortitude), and Stuart Graham (Harry Wild).

Can't wait? This one's also available on a number of “free with ads” platforms, including Tubi, Freevee, Pluto TV, and Roku Channel.

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Acorn TV January 14th Premieres

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Monsieur Spade premieres on January 14th

Monsieur Spade (2024)

If you're a fan of classic detective stories, Sam Spade will be a familiar name. He was the main character in Dashiell Hammett's 1930 novel The Maltese Falcon, and he's one of the most famous characters in all of the hard-boiled detective genre, even influencing Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe character (and many, many others since then). 

This spin-off imagines a version of Sam Spade (played by Clive Owen) who has retired to the south of France for a quieter life. He's living in Bozouls, and everything is lovely until the return of an old adversary.  Six nuns are murdered at the local convent, and as the town grieves, Spade watches and listens. Secrets begin to emerge, and he learns the murders are in some way related to a child said to possess great powers. 

Episodes will premiere as follows:

  • January 14th: Episode 1 – Spade (Clive Owen, Closer, Children of Men) arrives in Bozouls. A brief trip becomes a new chapter as he falls for a local vineyard owner. Years later, Spade remains, a widower and retiree quietly living out his golden years in peace – but the return of his adversary changes everything.
  • January 21st: Episode 2 – The tragedy of the horrific murders is felt by all in the town. Pulled out of retirement, Spade begins to investigate, while Teresa (Cara Bossom, Deep State) keeps her cards close to her chest. But no one is safe, and Spade may unknowingly put himself in the crosshairs.
  • January 28th: Episode 3 – Spade searches for answers regarding the mysterious young boy that everyone seems to be looking for. Samir takes him into hiding, but no one knows what to make of his incessant writing. Spade gets a call from the elusive Philippe.

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Acorn TV January 15th Premieres

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Dead Lucky premieres January 15th

Dead Lucky (2018)

This series originally premiered on Acorn TV back in January 2020, leaving the platform in 2022 – and now it's coming back. The urban Australian crime drama stars Rachel Griffiths (Six Feet Under) and Yoson An (Fresh Eggs), a couple of very different detectives thrown together to solve a murder. The 2018 series features 4 episodes.

Can't wait? Dead Lucky is also available HERE, or you can watch it free with ads on Peacock, Roku Channel, or Tubi.

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Acorn TV January 22nd Premieres

There are no new shows on Acorn TV this Monday – just the addition of another season (season 4) of Doctor Finlay as mentioned above. 

Acorn TV January 29th Premieres

Deception: World War II

Using a wealth of archive footage and interviews, this four-part historical series offers a peek at the various types of deceptions and countermeasures used by both sides during WW2. 

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Claremont Murders comes to Acorn TV January 29th

The Claremont Murders (2023)

This true crime drama re-tells the story of a late '90s case in which three young women mysteriously disappeared from the town of Claremont. What followed would be the largest unsolved murder case in the history of Western Australia. Ryan Johnson (The Heart Guy) and Erik Thomson (800 Words) star. 

Side Note: For those who worry about the ethics of sitting down to watch a real person's greatest trauma as a form of “entertainment”, it's worth noting that this one in particular has been protested by at least one of the victims' parents. Dennis Glennon, father of third victim Ciara Glennon, said the series was “…abominable, unnecessary, insensitive and served no public value at all in my view. And I’m not alone in having that view about such screenings.” Read more HERE.

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