I Heart British TV Newsletter: July 28 2021

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I Heart British TV: Mid-Week Mini Mail

On Saturday, the classic British sitcom Dad's Army will turn 53. It first aired on July 31st, 1968, and it took a light-hearted look back at one of the bleakest times in British history – WW2.

The series followed a group of British Home Guard volunteers – people ineligible for military service because of age or profession – and it playfully mocks their enthusiasm, lack of preparation, and minimal participation in the war.

Dad's Army is often found near the top of “Best British Comedies of All Time” lists, and it's a must-watch for any well-rounded British TV fan. In the US and Canada, you can check it out on BritBox. It's also available on DVD. Early seasons are in black and white, while later seasons switched over to colour.


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This Week in British TV News…

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The Heart Guy
  • Over at Acorn TVJuly 26th brought us the 5th and final season of The Heart Guy, along with the three-episode British miniseries Life Isn't All Ha Ha Hee Hee.
  • On BritBoxJuly 27th is the premiere date for Whitechapel, a crime drama that follows the search for a modern-day Jack the Ripper.
  • On Amazon Prime VideoThe Pursuit of Love will premiere on July 30th, following the friendship between two cousins as they opt for very different lifestyles. The series is based on Nancy Mitford's novel of the same name, and it stars Lily James as Linda and Emily Beecham as Fanny.
  • A new ITV production of Tom Jones (the Henry Fielding novel, not the Welsh crooner) will begin filming in September. Few details have been announced, but it's expected to be steamy.
  • Doctor Who recently announced that the next season will feature a longer, connected story rather than a large number of shorter stories. It's an unusual move for modern-era Doctor Who, but fans of the classic episodes will know it's not the first time it's been done in the show's lengthy history.
  • Death in Paradise has announced that this year, they'll be doing their first ever Christmas special. The best part? Officer Dwayne Myers (Danny John-Jules) will be returning for the special. While Florence leaves the island to celebrate Christmas with her family, Dwayne returns to help out on a murder case – and he'll soon realise he once arrested Officer Marlon Pryce. No word yet on whether it will pick up after that Series 10 cliffhanger.

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