Introducing the British TV Variety Puzzle Book, Volume 1

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Last Updated on April 23, 2021 by Stefanie Hutson


We've just released our latest British TV-themed puzzle book and shipped out copies to those who sponsored the publication – so we wanted to take a moment to make a post telling everyone a little more about what's inside.

First, the basics:

  • 96 pages long
  • Puzzle types: Word searches, cryptograms, crypto clans/families, shows in pictures, fallen phrases (aka drop quotes), logic puzzles, crosswords, alphabet fill-ins, intrusive alphabet puzzles, name that show, letter tiles, cryptic casting, countdowns, scrambles, and more.

Overall, we did our best to strike a balance between puzzles that reward British TV trivia knowledge and those that have a British TV theme, but which don't actually require you to remember details. 

Though the British TV Variety Puzzle book isn't technically 100% large-print, we worked hard to spread things out, use vision-friendly fonts, and generally make it a more comfortable read than many puzzle books.  Many pages DO qualify as true large print, and it's definitely larger than average – we just didn't want to make the claim when not all pages are size 16 or higher fonts.

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A Look Inside the British TV Variety Puzzle Book

To give you a better idea of what's included, we've included snapshots from some of the puzzles. Some are a little blurry here because of how our website's image compression works, but they're not blurry in the actual book.

Scrambled Shows

Part of a Scrambled Show puzzle


Cryptic Casting

Cryptic Casting puzzle

Shows in Pictures

Shows in Pictures

Logic Puzzles

Logic Puzzles (the clues are on the opposite page in the book)

ABC Fill-Ins

ABC Fill-Ins


Intrusive Alphabet Puzzles

Intrusive Alphabet puzzles

Name That Show Puzzles

Name That Show puzzles

Letter Tiles Puzzles

Letter Tiles



Cryptograms (and Number Cryptograms)


Where Are We? Puzzle

Where Are We?

Crossword Puzzles

Crossword Puzzles

Vowel-Free Puzzles

Vowel-Free Puzzle

Word Searches

Each word search has a British TV theme (this one's about the quiz/panel show QI)

Mystery Grids

Mystery Grid Puzzle (Image 1 of 2)
Mystery Grid Puzzle (Image 2 of 2)

Want Your Own Copy of the British TV Variety Puzzle Book?

This one's currently only available on Amazon. You can get yours HERE. We'll have it available in the shop soon, but for now it's exclusive to Amazon.

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