British TV Shows (& Others) Leaving Acorn TV in August 2022

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Recently, we posted about the new shows coming to Acorn TV in August 2022. Unfortunately, the addition of those new shows means some others will have to go. While most of us don't even notice the departures, it's a good idea to check the list to make sure you won't miss anything you've been meaning to watch.

Below, we take a look at which shows are leaving Acorn TV in August 2022. We've also gone through and added in alternative streaming options (as available) and suggestions for similar programming.

British TV Shows Leaving Acorn TV in August 2022

Shows Leaving Acorn TV on August 2nd

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The Code is leaving Acorn TV in August

The Code 

Australia – 2014 to 2016 – When two brothers, a hacker and a journalist, are facing the possibility of extradition to the US, the Australian National Security offers them a way out. They’re taken to a government facility and told that if they help out, the slate will be wiped clean.


Shows Leaving Acorn TV on August 30th

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Bed of Roses

Bed of Roses, Seasons 1-3

Australia – 2008 to 2011 – A mother and daughter struggle after the death of their husband and father. The gentle dramedy sees a late 40s widow moving to a fixer upper with her teenage daughter, attempting to repair the important relationships in her life.


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The Black Velvet Gown will be removed from Acorn TV on August 30th

The Black Velvet Gown

Set in 1830s Northumberland, this two-part film explores what happens when a mother and daughter are set apart by their shared ability to read and write.

The 1991 film is adapted from Catherine Cookson's novel of the same name, and stars Janet McTeer (Ozark) as widow Riah Millican, Bob Peck (Jurassic Park), as reclusive teacher Percival Miller, and Geraldine Somerville (Gosford Park) as Riah’s daughter Biddy. 


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The Sum of Us will be leaving Acorn TV on August 30th

The Sum of Us

Russell Crowe stars in this touching comedy about a father and gay son who are complete opposites but get on very well. Unfortunately, new relationships eventually put a strain on their bond.

The 1994 film is based on the long-running off-Broadway play by David Stevens.


Shows Leaving Acorn TV on August 31st

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Boomers leaves Acorn TV on August 31st


2014 to 2016 – This fun sitcom follows the adventures of three newly-retired couples in Norfolk – and cast members include Alison Steadman (Gavin & Stacey), Stephanie Beacham (Coronation Street), and Philip Jackson (Raised by Wolves). 

  • Miss it? We're not aware of any other streaming options as of July 2022, but you might also enjoy checking out Love & Marriage on Acorn TV or Freevee. The series follows an older woman who decides she's had enough of her immediate family and decides to go live with her quirky sister. Failing that, check out Hold the Sunset – starring John Cleese and (again) Alison Steadman. 


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Coastal Railways with Julie Walters leaves Acorn TV August 31st

Coastal Railways with Julie Walters

Julie Walters (of Harry Potter fame) takes us all over Britain via its coastal railways. The series is full of stunning scenery and light-hearted, fun commentary. 


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Love Hurts leaves Acorn TV August 31st

Love Hurts, Seasons 1-3

1992 to 1994 – After a messy breakup, an ambitious woman leaves the rat race and finds herself pursued by a wealthy man who seems like trouble.


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Vera, Season 7 will be leaving Acorn TV at the end of August 2022

Vera, Season 7

This much-loved Northumberland-based crime drama follows the investigative work of DI Vera Stanhope, and it's based on the mystery novels of Ann Cleeves. In the past, many seasons were available on Acorn TV – but these days, the majority of the seasons are available HERE on BritBox instead. 


Need More Suggestions for Acorn TV & Beyond?

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