British TV Shows Leaving Acorn TV in May 2023

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Every new month, Acorn TV clears out some of the older shows to make room for new ones. It costs money to maintain streaming rights, so it's simply not feasible for them (or any other subscription-based streaming service) to make everything available forever.

The good news? The list for May isn't too bad – just six shows leaving. Most of the time, we don't even notice the departures – but it's always a good idea to check to see if there's anything you'll miss.

British TV Shows Leaving Acorn TV in May 2023

Below, we take a look at which shows are leaving Acorn TV in May – but if you're more interested in what's COMING, check out the Acorn TV May 2023 Premiere List HERE

Shows Leaving Acorn TV on May 15th

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Julia Bradbury in Wainwright Walks

Wainwright Walks, Season 2

Julia Bradbury stars in this delightful outdoor series following some of guidebook author Alfred Wainwright’s best walks.


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Digging for Britain will leave Acorn TV on May 15th

Digging for Britain, Seasons 5-6

Professor Alice Roberts shares her passion for Britain's history as she takes us to a variety of exciting archaeological sites. From Roman burial sites to Viking treasures to history as recent as World War II, there's a bit of everything in this one, along with plenty of expert commentary to help add context.


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VE Day: Minute by Minute leaves Acorn TV on May 15th

VE Day: Minute by Minute

Tony Robinson (Blackadder) narrates this special commemorating the 75th anniversary of VE Day, guiding us through the events of May 8, 1945. The special also features historians Sam Willis and James Holland.

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Joanna Lumley in The Land of The Northern Lights will leave Acorn TV May 15th

Joanna Lumley in the Land of the Northern Lights

Absolutely Fabulous star Joanna Lumley takes us on a tour of the Arctic Circle in hopes of catching a glimpse of the Northern Lights.


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Wainwright Walks: Coast to Coast leaves Acorn TV on May 15th

Wainwright Walks: Coast to Coast

This continuation of Julia Bradbury's Wainwright Walks series follows her from the Pennines to the North York Moors and over to the breathtaking coastal town of Robin Hood's Bay. This particular walk was Wainwright's last big adventure, and it links three national parks between the Irish Sea and the North Sea.


Shows Leaving Acorn TV on May 31st

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Jericho will leave Acorn TV at the end of May


This Yorkshire-based 1870s period drama tells the story of a community dominated by the construction of a new viaduct. Jessica Raine (Call the Midwife) stars.

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