11 British TV Shows Leaving Acorn TV (US) in June 2024

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Every month, streaming services like Acorn TV have to get rid of some shows to be able to continue adding new ones. It costs money to get streaming rights, so to avoid prohibitively expensive subscription fees, it's a necessary evil.

For most of 2024, the losses at Acorn TV have been pretty minimal – just a couple older shows in most months. In June 2024, however, 11 shows will be leaving that platform. The full list is below, and we've provided descriptions, photos, and alternate viewing options where possible.

11 British TV Shows Leaving Acorn TV in June 2024

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Shows Leaving Acorn TV on June 12th

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50 Shades of Green (2019) leaves Acorn TV on June 12th

50 Shades of Green

In celebration of Alan Titchmarsh's 70th birthday and 50 years as a gardener, this 47-minute special visits some of the loveliest and most impressive gardens in the UK – including Blenheim Palace and Kew Gardens. Presenters like Dame Mary Berry and Griff Rhys Jones join him on this ambitious tour of the country's flora. 

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The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie leaves Acorn TV on June 12th

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (1978)

This classic adaptation of Muriel Spark's novel sees Geraldine McEwan (Agatha Christie's Marple) in the iconic role of Jean Brodie. She's an unorthodox teacher who does her best to fill her students with confidence and a love of art. The series is set in 1930s Edinburgh, and even though it's an older miniseries, it's very much worth the watch.

  • Missed it? Unfortunately, we're not aware of a streaming alternative at present. We would recommend checking with your local library to see if they have it on DVD (or buying a copy). 

Shows Leaving Acorn TV on June 18th

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The Savoy (2020)

The Savoy (2020)

This five-part docuseries takes a look at the history and present reality of Britain's first true luxury hotel. Filmed during the coronavirus shutdown, it gives us a look at what it's like to stay there and what goes on behind the scenes to make it all happen.

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Loch Ness image for fans of Shetland
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Loch Ness leaves Acorn TV on June 18th

Loch Ness (aka The Loch) – 2017

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Scottish Highlands, this crime drama unfolds in the small town of Lochnafoy, near the famous Loch Ness. When the body of a local man is found at the foot of Carn Mohr Mountain, what initially seems like an isolated incident soon reveals something much worse. Detective Sergeant Annie Redford (Laura Fraser, Breaking Bad) is thrust into her first murder case, working alongside the experienced DCI Lauren Quigley (Siobhan Finneran, Downton Abbey) and forensic psychologist Blake Albrighton (Don Gilet, EastEnders). As the investigation deepens, the team will have to sort through a web of lies, fear, and suspicion in a community where everyone has something to hide.

  • Missed it? At time of writing, it's also on AMC+ – but it remains to be seen whether it will be removed there when it's removed from Acorn TV (they're owned by the same company). 

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Shows Leaving Acorn TV on June 30th

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Butterfly Breath (aka Pili Pala) leaves Acorn TV on June 30th

Butterfly Breath (2019)

This four-part Welsh-English drama takes a look at what happens when a bad medical decision sets off a chain of events that quickly spins out of control. Sara Morris (Sian Reese-Davies, Hidden) goes against the advice of colleagues when she takes on her friend as a patient. 

The series explores issues of loyalty and betrayal, as well as the challenges of infertility and termination. Those sensitive to these topics may wish to skip over this one.

  • Missed it? Unfortunately, we're not aware of another place to stream this one – or even a DVD release.

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Monty Don's Adriatic Gardens leaves Acorn TV June 30th
Monty Don's Adriatic Gardens (2021)

This two-part series sees British gardening expert Monty Don visiting Europe and exploring gardens along the Adriatic coast. His journey begins Venice and continues on through Croatia and Greece. In addition to learning about the plants themselves, he also learns how the history and culture have shaped the gardens, and how climate change has changed them in more recent years.

Walking Tudor England leaves Acorn TV June 30th

Walking Tudor England (2021)

Professor Suzannah Lipscomb sets out to explore the legacy of the Tudor kings and queens, looking at how they shaped Britain's identity more significantly than any before them. She examines how they influenced the formation of the Royal Navy and tore down the monasteries – but also how they reigned over a time full of betrayal, religious persecution, and an abnormally large number of beheadings.

Outlier will leave Acorn TV June 30th

Outlier (2020)

This Norwegian crime drama begins when a teenager on her way home from a party finds a mobile phone ringing. The phone belongs to a missing girl, Sofie, whose body was later discovered at a camping resort a few hours away. Criminology student Maja Angell (Hanne Mathisen Haga) hears about this puzzling case in her hometown and leaves university to head north to deliver a message to the police. She believes the man who's been arrested is not the true killer, and her efforts to prove it will push her towards some of her most dangerous and repressed childhood memories. 

  • Missed it? Unfortunately, we're not aware of any other places to stream this one.
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Season 2 of The Simple Heist leaves Acorn TV June 30th

The Simple Heist, Season 2

When two older Swedish women find themselves cash-strapped and overlooked, they decide to turn to crime, plotting a bank robbery to solve their problems.

Stealing Van Gogh leaves Acorn TV June 30th
Stealing Van Gogh (2018)

On December 7th, 2002, two thieves broke into Amsterdam's Van Gogh Museum, stole two paintings, and disappeared into the night. Many regard it as one of the greatest art crimes of all time.

In this true crime documentary, Andrew Graham-Dixon will take a closer look at the theft, the eventual recovery, and how the crime fits into the wider world of art crimes. 

Inside the Bank of England leaves Acorn TV June 30th
Inside the Bank of England (2019)

In June 2016, the UK voted to leave the EU, sending massive shockwaves through the economy. This two-part series takes a look at the Bank of England's work to keep the country's finances in check during a period of unprecedented uncertainty.

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