Acorn TV June 2024 Premiere Schedule (US)

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It's almost June, and we're pleased to say next month's schedule of premieres at Acorn TV is packed with new and continuing shows. There aren't as many “filler shows” this month, but you'll find plenty of new release episodes coming out each week.

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Shows Continuing on Acorn TV in June 2024

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Murdoch Mysteries, season 17 continues in June

Murdoch Mysteries, Season 17

This long-running Canadian period mystery follows William Murdoch, a Victorian-era detective who uses rapidly evolving forensic techniques to solve crimes in new ways. Watch the new season HERE

The new season will continue to air as follows:

  • June 3rd: Episode 16, “Preacher Jimmy Wilde” – When a man dies suddenly at a gospel revival, Murdoch suspects it could be connected to a charlatan preacher and nun.
  • June 10th: Episode 17, “The Fantastic Mr. Fawkes” – Spy Terrence Meyers enlists the aid of Murdoch and Brackenreid to protect a prime ministerial candidate from assassins.
  • June 17th: Episode 18, “Spirits in the Night” – When Murdoch investigates a murder near a cemetery, he's puzzled by witnesses who suggest the killer might be a ghost.
  • June 24th: Episode 19, “A Most Surprising Bond” – A mysterious illness forces Odgen to quarantine her new women's hospital.

Additional episodes will continue in July. 

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Brokenwood Mysteries wraps up in June

The Brokenwood Mysteries

Often called New Zealand's answer to Midsomer Murders, this popular and long-running crime drama returned for a new season on April 29th. Just one episode will air in June, as it's the season finale. 

  • June 3rd, Episode 6 – “Case 48 | Three Gold Leaves of Jesus” – When a visiting troupe performs a nativity play at St Judas, a holy relic goes missing and the actor playing Jesus is found dead. FINALE
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Harry Wild continues in June

Harry Wild, Season 3

Jane Seymour returns as Harry Wild, a former English professor turned detective who, along with her youthful partner, enjoys butting in on many of her police detective son's cases. 

Episodes for June are:

  • June 3rd, Episode 5
    • “Cleanliness is Next to Deadliness” – Every year, the Vibrant Villages competition pits various areas of Dublin against one another to decide which community is most desirable, and there's never any shortage of sneaky tricks or outright sabotage. This year, however, things go farther than expected when Harry’s friend Evelyn Summers finds her estranged husband's lifeless body in her fish pond and tasks Harry and Fergus with solving the crime.
  • June 10th, Episode 6 (FINALE)
    • “Dead Man's Trigger” – In the season three finale, Harry and Fergus head to the Garda station to collect Charlie, Orla and Lola en route to Glenn and Petra’s wedding. While there, a desperate man takes the station hostage and demands that they help solve the murder of his daughter. When Glenn comes to check on Charlie (and the ring he's carrying for him), he realises he has a Die Hard situation on his hands.
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The Truth continues in June

The Truth, Season 1 (HEBREW)

Set in Tel Aviv, this Israeli thriller opens as the final verdict is announced for one of the country's most controversial murder cases. The very same day, another murder happens in identical circumstances. Inspector Rachel Zohar was a student at the time of the first case, and now she'll have to revisit her trauma to solve the case. Daphna Levin is both a lead actor in the series and co-writer alongside Aurit Zamir. New episodes on Mondays.

  • June 3rd
    • Episode 3 – Racheli connects Ari Ozri, the literature teacher of the two murdered girls (10 years apart), to the crime scenes. She goes to him with the aim of questioning him, but she too, is struck by his charms.
    • Episode 4 – When the son of the convicted murderer, Michael, is attacked, new questions arise.. Information from a surprising source leads Racheli to fear another girl may have been brutally murdered.
  • June 10th
    • Episode 5 – Rumors of a serial killer terrorize the residents but give the Deloya family hope. Everyone seems to be a suspect, including a conspiratorial journalist, a real estate developer, the chief Rabbi and the mayor. At this moment, secrets from Racheli's past are revealed and she's thrown out of the unit.
    • Episode 6 – The WhatsApp group of the murdered girl's friends is full of correspondence from someone using the figure of a murderous rabbit. Who is this – are they related to the real dead rabbit the police found? 
  • June 17th 
    • Episode 7 – Is “the murderous rabbit” a derogatory nickname for Shiran, a girl with a cleft lip, who suffered mental abuse and social boycott? Shiran is interrogated and provides disturbing insight into the personality of the murdered girl. 
    • Episode 8 (FINALE) – Even though all the evidence points in the direction of one perpetrator, Racheli is still searching for answers. This leads to something that sheds new light on the murder case. 

New Shows on Acorn TV in June 2024

June 3rd Premieres

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Hollington Drive

Hollington Drive (2021)

This four-part thriller follows the lives of two sisters, Theresa (Anna Maxwell Martin, Line of Duty) and Helen (Rachael Stirling, The Bletchley Circle), whose seemingly perfect suburban lives are shattered when a neighborhood child goes missing one day when their children are out playing. As suspicion and paranoia grow, secrets come out, revealing cracks in relationships they once believed to be solid. Binge premiere.

Can't wait? This one's already available over on AMC+ and Sundance Now. 

June 10th Premieres

There are no new shows premiering on June 10th – just new episodes of Harry Wild, Murdoch Mysteries, and The Truth

June 17th PremierES

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My Life is Murder

My Life is Murder, Season 4

Lucy Lawless returns as Alexa Crowe, a charismatic and fearless former detective who is lured back into the world of investigation by a former colleague. 

  • June 17th
    • Episode 1, “To Dye For” – A wealthy socialite dies in suspicious circumstances, leaving her entire fortune to her cat. To uncover the truth Alexa investigates a heady world of high society gossip and hostile hair stylists. Erik Thomson (800 Words, Black Snow) guest stars
    • Episode 2, “Tough Love” – Alexa investigates the death of a tough tennis coach, but she’s not the only one on the case. A glamorous private investigator is determined to solve the case before Alexa.
  • June 24th 
    • Episode 3, “Location Location Location” – Alexa’s investigation into the death of a real estate agent takes a supernatural turn when the homeowner insists the 100-year-old house is cursed. 
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Inspector Rojas premieres June 17th

Inspector Rojas (Chile, Spanish language)

Set in the 1990s, this series is based on a real-life investigation. When 12 young girls disappear in northern Chile, police captain César Rojas is called in to investigate. As the small town struggles to cope, investigators rush to find the culprit before he or she targets anyone else. Rojas's efforts are made even more difficult by the harsh, dry terrain and the fact that he's an outsider trying do what the locals haven't been able to accomplish.

June 24th Premieres

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Exploring India with Bettany Hughes

Exploring India with Bettany Hughes

Author and historian Bettany Hughes treats viewers to a guided trip through some of India's most historic and beautiful sights. Over the course of two hour-long episodes, we see temples and palaces, archaeological sites, and a variety of festivals and traditions. Binge premiere. 

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