Shetland, Season 8 First-Look Trailer & US Premiere Date Announced

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Last Updated on October 27, 2023 by Stefanie Hutson

dark image of tosh and ashley jensen in new season 8, shetland

After seven seasons with Douglas Henshall at the helm, Shetland is welcoming a new lead for series 8. There's a lot riding on these new episodes, with more than a few people wondering if they'll be able to adapt to such a drastic change – but luckily, we won't have to wait much longer to find out. 

What's Happening in Season 8 of Shetland? 

Ashley Jensen will arrive in Shetland at the beginning of season 8

As the new season begins, we learn that a gangland informant has been killed and the witness is on the run. Ashley Jensen's character, DI Ruth Calder, will have to return to her native Shetland in hopes of tracking the women down before someone with bad intentions beats her to it. 

When she gets there, Tosh pauses her investigation in a string of mysterious animal deaths to help Calder locate the witness. As they chat, Calder's disdain for her homeland bumps up against Tosh's more positive outlook on her adopted home. 

Early teasers don't reveal much more than that, but it seems safe to assume that through some combination of circumstances, DI Ruth Calder will find herself staying in Shetland. Of her new role, Jensen told The Scotsman:

It's a real privilege to be asked to lead this show into a new chapter. It’s such a hugely successful show and I’m aware I have very big boots to fill since the departure of DI Perez, who was very much loved by fans

Watch Shetland‘s Season 8 First Look Trailer 

BBC Scotland has released a painfully brief first-look trailer that hints at what's to come in the new episodes. You can watch it below:

When Will Season 8 of Shetland Premiere?

Tosh in the upcoming new season of Shetland

In the US, season 8 of Shetland will premiere on November 29th on BritBox. New episodes will air weekly.

In the UK, season 8 premieres on November 1st on BBC One and iPlayer. 

You can catch up on past seasons HERE

While You Wait for Season 8 of Shetland

At time of writing, we still have about a month to go before the new season begins to hit our screens. While you wait, we have a couple suggestions…


Eleventh Hour

We've seen more than a few comments from people who aren't very familiar with Ashley Jensen, or who've only seen her in Agatha Raisin. Understandably, some of the people who've only seen her in Agatha Raisin have concerns about her ability to fit into the more serious atmosphere of Shetland

No need to worry, though. Though Jensen is a talented comedic actress, she's just that – an actress. She can do serious, too.  She's also another one of those delightful actresses whose best roles seem to have come after the age of 40.

If you're not familiar with her work, we recommend checking out:

  • After Life (language warning for those who are very sensitive to swearing and adult humour) on Netflix
  • Agatha Raisin on Acorn TV
  • Extras on BritBox
  • Eleventh Hour on BritBox or Freevee
  • Love, Lies, & Records on Acorn TV (a better illustration of her range)
  • Catastrophe on Amazon Prime Video
  • Ugly Betty on Hulu or Netflix (AMERICAN SERIES)


Though the books are quite different from the TV series, they're still the source material for the show and it's hard to call yourself a true Shetland fan if you haven't at least given them a try.

The first two seasons of the TV production were adapted directly from the books, while later seasons moved to longer mysteries that simply used her characters.

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