Acorn TV April 2024 Schedule of Premieres (US)

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April is nearly here, and Acorn TV has announced their April Acorn TV schedule – along with a brand new look and logo. Below, we take a look at what's coming in the month to come.

It's also worth noting that they've announced a May 13 premiere date for the third season of Harry Wild, so if you're on the fence about keeping your subscription for the next month or two, that might be enough to tip the balance for some.

Acorn TV's April 2024 Premiere Schedule…

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Continuing British TV Shows on Acorn TV in April 2024

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Murdoch Mysteries, season 17 continues through March

Murdoch Mysteries, Season 17

This long-running Canadian period mystery follows William Murdoch, a Victorian-era detective who uses rapidly evolving forensic techniques to solve crimes in new ways. Watch the new season HERE

The new season will air as follows:

  • April 1st: Episode 7, “Loch Ness Murdoch” -After a summer heat wave sends people running for the beach, a body washes ashore with a large bite. This sparks rumours that Toronto has its own “Nessie”.
  • April 8th: Episode 8, “Republic of Murdoch – A piece of parchment becomes the primary clue leading Murdoch and Crabtree to a suspect in Newfoundland. 
  • April 15th: Episode 9, “Midnight Train to Kingston” – Murdoch accompanies a convicted killer to his hanging.
  • April 22nd: Episode 10, “Murdoch in Ragtime” – When a member of a ragtime band is found dead, Murdoch will have to mine the group's complicated past to solve the case. 
  • April 29th: Episode 11, “Journey to the Centre of Toronto” – When there's a rash of murders via tunnel, Crabtree is convinced there's a species of mole people in the area. 

Additional episodes will follow in the weeks and months to come. 

New British TV Shows on Acorn TV in April 2024

Acorn TV April 1st Premieres

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For Her Sins comes to Acorn TV April 1st

For Her Sins (2023)

Laura (Jo Joyner, Shakespeare & Hathaway) seems to have the perfect life. She's married to a man she loves, she has a beautiful family, and she has an enviable career as a lawyer. That's when she meets Emily (Rachel Shenton, All Creatures Great & Small). She seems charming at first, and a friendship develops. Unfortunately, Emily soon begins to infiltrate every aspect of her life, slowly poisoning it and gaslighting Laura while she's at it. 

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The Little Drummer Girl premieres on Acorn TV on April 1st

The Little Drummer Girl (2018)

Based on John le Carre's 1983 novel of the same name, this limited series follows a British actress who's recruited by Mossad to infiltrate a group of Palestinian terrorists before they carry out an attack in Europe. Florence Pugh (Oppenheimer) stars as the actress, Charlie. Michael Shannon (Take Shelter) and Alexander Skarsgård (True Blood) also appear.

Acorn TV April 8th Premieres

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National Treasure

National Treasure

Robbie Coltrane (Harry Potter, Cracker) stars in this drama about a quiz show host, Paul Finchley, accused of having raped several women earlier in his career. The four-part series was inspired by the real-life Operation Yewtree, a large-scale police investigation into allegations against a number of media figures in the UK. Though the notorious Jimmy Savile was central to the operation, it ultimately helped empower numerous victims, and it led to a significant increase in reports to the police, as well as the arrest and conviction of other offenders (similar to the “Weinstein effect” in the US). 

Julie Walters (Calendar Girls, Harry Potter) plays Finchley's wife, while Andrea Riseborough (The Witness for the Prosecution) plays his daughter.

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The Battle of Britain comes to Acorn TV on April 8th

The Battle of Britain

This documentary examines the four phases of the Battle of Britain, a fight that would alter the course of WWII. By June 1940, France had surrendered, the Allies had retreated from Dunkirk, and Hitler had largely succeeded in conquering Europe. This battle in the skies was pivotal in both the war and Britain's survival – ultimately leading Hitler to turn his attention elsewhere, to the impending invasion of Russia. 

Acorn TV April 15th PremierES

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Faithless comes to Acorn TV April 15th

Faithless (2024)

This six-episode Irish comedy follows three young sisters living in Dublin with their Irish-Egyptian single father. It's all going as well as can be expected until the arrival of his irresponsible younger brother who claims he's there to “help”. Though the premise sounds a bit like a modern, Irish Full House, it leans much more towards black comedy as it explores themes of gender roles, grief, faith, and family.

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Kiri comes to Acorn TV April 15th

Kiri (2018)

Sarah Lancashire (Happy Valley) stars as social worker Miriam Grayson in this Bristol-based drama about a young black girl, Kiri, being fostered by a white family, the Warners. When Grayson arranges an unsupervised visit between the girl and her biological grandparents, the child goes missing. This ignites a national scandal in which everyone seems quick to jump to conclusions.

Acorn TV April 22nd Premieres

There are no new shows coming to Acorn TV on April 22nd – just a single new episode of Murdoch Mysteries (covered above in the “continuing” section).

Acorn TV April 29th Premieres

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Season 10 of Brokenwood Mysteries will premiere on April 29th

The Brokenwood Mysteries

Often called New Zealand's answer to Midsomer Murders, this popular and long-running crime drama returns for a new season on April 29th. Episodes for April consist of:

  • April 29th, Episode 1 – “Case 43 | Brokenwood-o-saurus” – When dinosaur fossils are discovered in the foothills around Brokenwood, locals are thrilled at the prospect of tourism revenue. Unfortunately, the suspicious death of an expert palaeontologist throws a spanner in the works…
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The Vanishing Triangle premieres on Acorn TV on April 29th

The Vanishing Triangle

Inspired by true events in Ireland during the 1990s, it follows a journalist, Lisa Wallace (India Mullin) who published an article about her mother's murder, only to receive a chilling letter from the killer – one that taunted her with photos of the murder and information about a new victim. 

Together with a local garda, Detective David Burkely (Allan Leech), she fights red tape to get answers as more girls go missing. Through it all, the killer continues to play mind games with Lisa, forcing her to choose his next victims and even threatening her in person. 

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New Shows on Acorn TV in April 2024

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