Ruth Madeley to Star in Upcoming British Thriller The Rapture

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If you're a die-hard British thriller fan and you enjoy books by authors like Lisa Jewell and Ruth Ware, the upcoming series The Rapture is the perfect addition to your future watchlist. Liz Jensen's 2009 bestselling thriller is set to be adapted into a five-part limited series.

What's The Rapture About?

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The Rapture

Since it's based on a novel, we know a fair bit about what's in store for this one. The Rapture tells the story of forensic psychologist Gabrielle Fox, who will be played by Ruth Madeley (Years and Years). Recovering from a devastating car crash that left her paralysed, Gabrielle's life takes a dramatic turn as she begins working at a maximum security facility for juvenile patients.

There, she encounters Bethany Krall, an unrepentant 16-year-old inmate convicted of her mother's brutal murder. Bethany asserts she possesses psychic abilities, predicting natural disasters linked to a looming climate catastrophe. Fox has every reason to believe she's being manipulated by a little psychopath, but something in her mind just won't let go of the possibility that Bethany might be telling the truth.

As she talks with the girl, Fox sees more and more connections between the predictions and real world weather patterns. She has to wonder – even if the predictions are real, what does it all mean? And what can she do about it?

Of her upcoming role, Ruth Madeley said: 

I am thrilled to be teaming up with the BBC and Mammoth Screen to lead such an epic series. I loved Liz Jensen’s novel and Bryony Kimmings' scripts are brilliantly inventive and funny and scary. Gabs is such a rich and complex character and I cannot wait to play her.

Check Out the Book…

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The Rapture by Liz Jensen

As a British book that was published more than 10 years ago, it can be a little harder to find copies of this one if you're outside the UK. Still, Amazon does have some formats on offer, along with a handful of used copies (and you can always check eBay or your local library, too).

Get it: Paperback | Hardcover | Audible

Who's Involved in the Production?

Ruth Madeley, known for her roles in Years and Years, Then Barbara Met Alan, and Doctor Who, leads the cast. At time of writing, no other cast members have been named.

The series is a production of Mammoth Screen, with Bryony Kimmings (Last Christmas), and Rebecca Manley writing the adaptation. Chanya Button (World On Fire, Doctor Who 60th anniversary special), directs. The executive production team includes Tom Leggett and Damien Timmer from Mammoth Screen, alongside Lindsay Salt, with distribution managed in association with ITV Studios.

When Will The Rapture Premiere?

While a specific premiere date for The Rapture has yet to be announced, the series, consisting of five 60-minute episodes, will ultimately air on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. Premiere dates and streaming outlets for other countries have not yet been announced.

While You Wait: Similar British TV Psychological Thrillers

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The Pact (Season 1 cast)

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