BritBox July 2024 Premiere Schedule (US)

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Though we received a lot of messages about the June BritBox schedule being a bit dull, their July schedule has some great returning shows – including Grace and Silent Witness. Below, we look at the full schedule, including descriptions and photos. 

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New Shows Coming to BritBox in JuLY 2024

July 2nd Premieres

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Grace returns for season 4 on July 2nd

Grace, Season 4

John Simm (Life on Mars) returns for another four feature-length episodes based on Peter James's bestselling DS Roy Grace novels. This season, the action will follow the following four books in the series (with links below to each book in case you want more plot details):

  • Week 1: “Dead Man's Time” – DS Grace finds himself immersed in the shady world of England's antiques trade (a bit like Lovejoy, but darker). 
  • Week 2: “Want You Dead” – DS Grace deals with a case involving an obsessive psychopath, but nothing is quite as it seems.
  • Week 3: “You Are Dead” – DS Grace handles a case involving dead young women…and skeletal remains from decades ago.
  • Week 4: “Love You Dead” – DS Grace and his team need to trace a woman who could be in grave danger after a suspected mafia hit. 

You can catch up on earlier seasons HERE

July 3rd Premieres

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Season 5 of Suspects will premiere July 3rd

Suspects, Season 5 (2014 to 2016)

This heavily improvised crime drama uses a documentary style of filming as it follows a team of London detectives who deal with a variety of serious cases. Topics include murder, missing persons, overdoses, sex crime, child abuse, and more. Cast members include Fay Ripley as DI Martha Bellamy, Damien Molony as DS Jack Weston, Lenora Crichlow as DS Alisha Brooks, and Clare-Hope Ashitey as DS Charlotte Steele. 

Season 5 opens with a huge shock, but we won't spoil it since we know many people will still be working through the earlier seasons. The whole team is deeply affected the events, and new blood is brought in to help the team. Unfortunately, it won't be long before they realise not everyone is working towards the same agenda…

After first premiering on BritBox in June, seasons will continue to premiere in July as follows: 

  • Season 5 (FINAL) – July 3rd

July 4th Premieres

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Capital (2015)

Based on John Lanchester's acclaimed novel, this miniseries brings us into the lives of the residents of a single street in South London as they navigate personal changes during a tense time in the neighbourhood. Starring Toby Jones (Detectorists) and Rachael Stirling (Detectorists), the series offers a unique take on community and the impact of gentrification.

Petunia Howe (Gemma Jones, Bridget Jones’s Diary), a long-time resident, faces the uncertainties of aging and health troubles. Banker Roger Yount (Jones) and his wife Arabella (Stirling) grapple with financial pressures and the stress of keeping up appearances. Meanwhile, immigrant shopkeeper Ahmed (Adeel Akhtar, Four Lions) and his family deal struggle to fit in while also keeping their business afloat.

When each household on the street receives a mysterious postcard with the ominous message, “We want what you have”, it's the catalyst for big changes.

Can't wait? It's also available HERE on PBS Masterpiece.

July 8th Premieres

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Lovejoy, Season 6

This delightful 80s and 90s series will see its final season added to BritBox in July. It follows Ian McShane as Lovejoy, an antiques dealer with an abnormal talent for differentiating between valuable items and fakes, along with a shaky moral compass that gets him into all manner of trouble. 

The following seasons will premiere in July:

  • Season 6 (FINAL) – July 8th

July 11th Premieres

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The Responder returns to BritBox on July 11th

The Responder, Season 2

Martin Freeman (Sherlock) returns to the role of Chris Carson in this gritty, Liverpool-based crime drama. Season 2 picks up six months after the events of season 1, with Carson trying to improve as both a father and a police officer. Unfortunately, the continuing trauma of his job makes it hard to get his life in order – so he seeks a daytime position. At the same time, his former partner Rachel is also attempting to better herself, but she holds a lot of anger about her time working with Carson. It's only once she works with a number of other coppers that she realises things might not have been as bad as she thought.

Catch up on season 1 HERE

July 16th Premieres

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Killing Eve comes to BritBox July 16th

Killing Eve, Season

Based on the “Villanelle” novels by Luke Jennings, this fun spy thriller stars Sandra Oh (Grey’s Anatomy) as Eve Polastri, a bored MI5 security officer whose life takes a strange turn when she becomes obsessed with tracking down a psychopathic assassin named Villanelle, played by Jodie Comer (The White Princess).

Eve’s cat-and-mouse pursuit of Villanelle takes her across Europe, sniffing out a trail of espionage, deceit, and murder. As Eve continues the hunt, she finds herself dangerously drawn to the charming but deadly Villanelle. 

The following seasons will premiere in July:

  • Season 1 – July 16th
  • Season 2 – July 23rd

July 17th Premieres

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24 Hours in Police Custody returns for season 10B on July 17th

24 Hours in Police Custody, Season 10B

This popular reality series offers round-the-clock coverage of modern-day police units as they investigate some of the UK's most serious and challenging cases. Time is always an added pressure, and we can feel the second-hand stress as officers scramble to get what they need before they have to release their suspects.

July 24th Premieres

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Silent Witness returns for season 27 on July 24th

Silent Witness, Season 27

This long-running series returns with five new mysteries for Dr. Nikki Alexander (Emilia Fox, Signora Volpe) and her team to solve. In season 27, we can look forward to cases in which a serial killer resurfaces, death stalks a campus, a mummified woman shakes a community, bodies are found entombed underground and deep fakes obscure the truth. 10 hour-long episodes will premiere at a rate of 2/week.

July 30th Premieres

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Callan comes to BritBox July 30th

Callan, Seasons 1-2

Edward Woodward (The Wicker Man) stars as David Callan in this classic action-spy drama set against the backdrop of the Cold War. Callan is a brooding and complex hero, a former soldier turned reluctant spy. He works for a shadowy government agency known as “The Section”, and while his role seems to be similar of an MI-5 agent, he's authorised to use considerably more ruthless methods to achieve his goals. Constantly at odds with both his superior, Hunter, and the questionable morals involved in his missions, it's a psychologically complex series that remains relevant even today.

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