All3Media Launches Free British TV FAST Channels

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Last Updated on November 3, 2023 by Stefanie Hutson

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Monty Don is featured on a new FAST channel

If you're a fan of British lifestyle programming, you're in luck. All3Media International has just added several new FAST channels to their growing portfolio – allowing fans to watch free British programming 24/7.

What Are Fast Channels?

Since most people don't live and breath TV and aren't familiar with every new term, we feel we should explain that basics. A FAST channel is sort of like an old-fashioned TV channel, but with a couple key differences:

  • It streams through your internet connection instead of via a cable company
  • You don't pay for it 

Otherwise, it's much the same as old-fashioned TV – you tune in when you're ready to watch, and that could mean you're coming in at the middle of a programme. The schedule is set, and it just streams along, one show after another, until you change the channel (or in some cases, until you get one of those mildly judge-y “Are you still watching?” prompts). 

If you're still a bit confused, you can click over to our “What is a FAST Channel & How Do I Watch Them?” guide

All3Media's New FAST Channels

The name All3Media International may not as familiar as, say, the BBC or ITV, but they're a leading TV and film production, digital, and distribution group and they have an enormous library of content. If you're the sort of person who likes to binge factual content or keep a comfort show on in the background as you go about your day, you may find some of these channels to your liking.

Their latest offerings are:

Gardening With Monty Don

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Monty Don tending to his plants

This FAST channel offers a 24/7 stream of Monty Don's best shows, including episodes of BBC's Gardeners' World; Big Dreams, Small Spaces; My Dream Farm; Adriatic Gardens; and Secret History of the British Garden. In total, the channel features more than 200 hours of programming.

Monty Don is known around the world for his straightforward explanations and quiet passion for plant life – and even non-gardeners often find his shows relaxing and enjoyable. 

Channel Availability: Roku Channel (Channel 466), Amazon Freevee,Tubi, Plex, Vizio (Vizio WatchFree+, Channel 508), XUMO

Great British Menu

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Great British Menu

Great British Menu is a BBC competition series in which top British chefs compete for the opportunity to prepare one course within a four-course banquet. Often, the final banquets were prepared for prestigious events or people. In one season, a meal was to be prepared for Queen Elizabeth II, and in another it was a meal to celebrate British service personnel returning from Afghanistan. 

As the longest running British food competition series, it showcases a variety of regions, foods, and celebrity guest judges. The channel will showcase more than 200 hours of content.

Channel Availability: Amazon Freevee, Tubi, Plex

Four in a Bed

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Four in a Bed

Each episode of this lighthearted competition series sees four sets of B&B owners take turns hosting each other at their respective guest houses, judging the hospitality and quality of experience by choosing how much above or below the current room rate they'd be willing to pay. After each stay, they fill in an anonymous form, and at the end of the week, everyone gets their feedback and we find out which B&B was judged the best value for money. 

The channel will showcase more than 200 hours of content.

Channel Availability: Tubi, Vizio (Vizio WatchFree+, Channel 330)

Fifth Gear

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Fifth Gear

Fifth Gear is one of the UK's most popular long-running motoring shows, mixing coverage of new car reviews, second-hand bargains, industry news, feature pieces, and bit of humour. Presenters include Tiff Needell (former Le Mans winner), Jason Plato (multiple Touring Car champion), Vicki Butler-Henderson (a racing driver instructor since she was 17), and Jonny Smith (petrolhead and car buyer).

The channel will showcase more than 150 hours of content.

Channel Availability: Amazon Freevee, Xumo

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