Acorn TV (US) May 2024 Schedule of Premieres

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Wondering what's coming to Acorn TV (US) next month? Below, we take a look at the list of premieres for May – and it includes a new season of Harry Wild

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Shows Continuing on Acorn TV in May 2024

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Murdoch Mysteries, season 17 continues in May

Murdoch Mysteries, Season 17

This long-running Canadian period mystery follows William Murdoch, a Victorian-era detective who uses rapidly evolving forensic techniques to solve crimes in new ways. Watch the new season HERE

The new season will continue to air as follows:

  • May 6th: Episode 12, “Unfinished Business” – Soon after a dying man confesses to a seemingly open-and-shut case of murder, Murdoch finds a body. Unfortunately, he suspects the real killer might still be alive.
  • May 13th: Episode 13, “The Murdoch Sting” – When a suspect from Murdoch’s past pulls a con with deadly consequences, he orchestrates an elaborate sting to prevent her from getting away with murder…again.
  • May 20th: Episode 14, “Friday the 13th, 1901” – While Julia and Emily head to a bachelorette party on a creepy island, Murdoch and the men of Station Four get involved in a high-states curling match.
  • May 27th: Episode 15, “The Spy Who Came Up to the Cold” – When the American president is assassinated in Buffalo, Murdoch finds himself in the middle of an international web of intrigue.

Additional episodes will follow in June.

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Season 10 of Brokenwood Mysteries continues in May

The Brokenwood Mysteries

Often called New Zealand's answer to Midsomer Murders, this popular and long-running crime drama returned for a new season on April 29th. Episodes for May consist of:

  • May 6th, Episode 2 – “Case 44 | Day of the Dead” – Brokenwood's Mexican “Day of the Dead” celebration seems like a great idea until an actual dead body becomes part of the festivities.
  • May 13th, Episode 3 – “Case 45 | Publish or Be Damned” – A writing retreat is interrupted when the event's mentor, Dame Audrey McKinnon, is found floating under a waterfall on the premises. 
  • May 20th, Episode 4 – “Case 46 | Love You to Death” – After local dentist Sonny Lyman is romantically pursued by Jools Fahey, his wife is found dead in an oven – making Jools the prime suspect.
  • May 27th, Episode 5 – “Case 47 | House of Screams” – A local haunted house becomes a great deal more frightening when a teenager is found dead with a sickle through his neck. 

New Shows on Acorn TV in May 2024

May 6th Premieres

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The Ipcress File premieres May 6th

The Ipcress File

This adaptation of Len Deighton’s novel, which was famously made into a film starring Michael Caine in 1965, offers a fresh take on the classic spy thriller. The series stars Joe Cole (Peaky Blinders) as Harry Palmer, a British army sergeant turned reluctant spy, who navigates the treacherous waters of Cold War espionage after being transferred to an MI5 unit on account of his criminal activities.

Set in 1962, the plot revolves around Palmer's mission to locate a missing nuclear scientist, leading him into a complex web of spies and political conspiracy. Alongside Cole, the cast includes Lucy Boynton as Jean Courtney, Palmer’s savvy assistant, and Tom Hollander as Major Dalby, his enigmatic boss.

Can't wait? This one's already available over on AMC+. 

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Black Cab, aka The Night Caller (May 6th)

The Night Caller (2024)

This four-part thriller tells the story of Tony (Robert Glenister, CB Strike), a Liverpool taxi driver who develops an unhealthy obsession with a late-night radio show host. 

We'll be honest – we're a little confused by this one because most places call it Black Cab and there's a different true crime series on AMC+ and Sundance Now called The Night Caller. Based on the description Acorn TV sent over, though, we'll be getting The Night Caller (2024) as described above rather than the Australian true crime series.

May 10th Premieres

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The Taste of Things premieres May 10th

The Taste of Things (2023)

Set in 1889 France, this period drama follows Dodin Bouffant (Benoît Magimel, Pacifiction) as a chef who lives with his personal cook and lover, Eugénie (Juliette Binoche, The English Patient). Although they share a rich history of gastronomy and affection, Eugénie will not marry him. In an attempt to sway her opinion, he decides to do something out of the ordinary. He will cook for her.

May 13th PremierES

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Harry Wild returns May 13th

Harry Wild, Season 3

Jane Seymour returns as Harry Wild, a former English professor turned detective who, along with her youthful partner, enjoys butting in on many of her police detective son's cases. 

Episodes for May are:

  • May 13th, Episodes 1 & 2
    • “Killing Me Softly With His Bad Pop Song” – When Jamie D, the lead singer of Lola’s favorite boy band, plummets to his death right before the band’s farewell performance, Lola convinces Harry (Jane Seymour, The Kominsky Method) and Fergus (Rohan Nedd, Whitstable Pearl) to investigate.
    • “Too Many Harrys Spoil the Murder” – Harry and Fergus  have to contend with a rival private detective, a gangster’s henchman and an utterly baffling mystery when the girlfriend of a head chef’s decapitated head is served up on a platter. Elsewhere, Paula makes a huge, life-changing announcement and Glenn pops the question to his long-time girlfriend, Petra. 
  • May 20th, Episode 3
    • “Lights, Camera, Murder” – When the director of a daytime Irish soap opera has his throat cut in the middle of a scene, Harry and Fergus are tasked to find the culprit as soon as possible so filming can resume. Fortunately, enough, Harry discovers a secret weapon in the shape of super fan, Orla. 
  • May 27th, Episode 4
    • “The Man Who Murdered Himself” – A fellow P.I., Harry Benedict, inveigles his way into Harry’s life by sending a particularly perplexing case her way. As Harry and Fergus attempt to work out how it’s possible for a mystery writer to shoot himself in a locked panic room without a gun, they find the key to cracking the case might come from a very surprising source.
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Season 3 of Backstrom premieres May 20th

Backstrom, Season 3 (SWEDISH)

Without his boss's knowledge, Bäckström travels to the vacation hotspot of Palma with Niemi to pursue a lead on the murder of his childhood friend Sally, which remains his only unsolved case. As they investigate, a Swedish man is found dead in their hotel, prompting Bäckström to start his own investigation, much to the displeasure of the local police.

At the same time, a bomb linked to the Tälje cartel explodes in central Stockholm. Using his unconventional methods, Bäckström uncovers clues suggesting a connection between the two murders and the explosion. But the question remains: Will Bäckström find the closure he seeks in Sally’s case and achieve peace? Binge premiere.

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Look Inside Osborne House on May 20th

Osborne House

Filmed with unprecedented access, this special takes a look at Queen Victoria's favourite home. Nestled along the north coast of the Isle of Wight, it was where she and Prince Albert went to get away from royal life. 

May 27th Premieres

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The Truth premieres May 27th

The Truth, Season 1 (HEBREW)

Set in Tel Aviv, this Israeli thriller opens as the final verdict is announced for one of the country's most controversial murder cases. The very same day, another murder happens in identical circumstances. Inspector Rachel Zohar was a student at the time of the first case, and now she'll have to revisit her trauma to solve the case. Daphna Levin is both a lead actor in the series and co-writer alongside Aurit Zamir. New episodes on Mondays.

  • May 27th
    • Episode 1 – For a decade now, Ruby Deloya, a convicted murderer, has been claiming his innocence. Just before the announcement of the final decision regarding his appeal, Racheli, a youth investigator at the Rosh Ha’Ain police, finds the body of a girl. Just like a decade ago, the girl is in the same location, with the same jumping rope wrapped around her neck.
    • Episode 2 – Brigadier General Forges is put in charge of the murder investigation, much to the dismay of retired officer Eliyahu Zabatani, Racheli’s father and the one who led to the conviction of Deloya. Forges sets up a special investigation team and doesn’t include Racheli in it, but she fights for her place. At the young girl’s funeral, her brother points an accusing finger in an unexpected direction. 
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Season 2 of Total Control premieres May 27th

Total Control, Season 2

This Australian political drama returns for a second season, and this time Alex Irvin (Deborah Mailman) is determined to do things her own way. She may be the ultimate outsider in relation to the political establishment, but she's convinced she can find a way to shake things up and make a path for herself. Rachel Griffiths also stars.

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New Shows Coming to Acorn TV in May 2024

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