About the Artist: Tabitha Mary’s Design on the British TV Streaming Guide

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Last Updated on May 4, 2021 by Stefanie Hutson

Order this print at Tabitha Mary's shop HERE

Whether you purchased a copy of the British TV Streaming Guide: US Edition, Spring 2021 or you've just seen it around on social media and our emails, you've probably noticed the gorgeous artwork on the cover. 

When we first started publishing quarterly British TV streaming guides, we purchased cheap stock imagery for the cover. We hadn't tested the concept yet, so we wanted to keep costs as low as possible.

After two successful editions, we decided it was time to move forward with our goal of licensing artwork from independent British artists for each cover. More than anything, we want the guides to be useful – but we also want them to be beautiful.

That's where Tabitha Mary comes in. 

The Artwork of Tabitha Mary

Tabitha Mary's Bletchley Park Design: You can get it HERE

Tabitha Mary is a full-time artist in Southern England. She started her business after her parents asked for a map of the Shipping Forecast for Christmas (British TV fans may remember Mrs. Bale's obsession with it on As Time Goes By). When she couldn't find one, she designed her own – and feedback was so good that she decided to try selling prints.

Today, her designs are inspired by British travel posters of the 1930s and propaganda posters from WW1 & WW2. Though we've included a few preview images here with links, you can view her full catalogue HERE.

If you're more of an Etsy person, you can check out her Etsy shop HERE

Though many of her designs feature British locations, there are some from other parts of the world – including Corfu, Hong Kong, Washington, D.C., Amsterdam, and Santa Monica. And of course, you can still pick up a map of the Shipping Forecast regions HERE

What's Your Favourite Tabitha Mary Design?

We can't get enough of the gorgeous scenery, and I definitely can't pick a favourite. Can you? Share your favourites in the comments!


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