22 of the Best Brand New British TV Premieres in April 2024 (US)

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BritBox and Acorn TV are two of the best sources of British TV shows in the US, but there are more than a dozen that routinely serve up new releases from the UK. To help you navigate the options, we like to make it a little easier each month by looking at which brand new shows are premiering across the major US streaming services. By that we mean only those shows which:

  • Had their original UK premiere within the last year or so
  • Are showing in the US for the first time on a streaming service

The 22 Best Brand New British TV Shows Coming to the US in April 2024

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For Her Sins

For Her Sins (2023)

Laura (Jo Joyner, Shakespeare & Hathaway) seems to have the perfect life. She's married to a man she loves, she has a beautiful family, and she has an enviable career as a lawyer. That's when she meets Emily (Rachel Shenton, All Creatures Great & Small). She seems charming at first, and a friendship develops. Unfortunately, Emily soon begins to infiltrate every aspect of her life, slowly poisoning it and gaslighting Laura while she's at it. 

Premiered April 1st on Acorn TV.

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QI returns April 1st

QI, Season U

This quirky quiz show deals primarily in obscure trivia, meaning the correct answer is almost never given. In lieu of a correct answer, contestants earn points for offering interesting but incorrect answers – so long as they don't make guesses which are both wrong AND obvious. No one really understands the point system, though.

Each season is oriented around a single letter, and the new season will feature episodes with U themes.

Premiered April 1st on BritBox.

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Beyond Paradise returns on April 4th

Beyond Paradise, Season 2

Kris Marshall returns for another season as Humphrey Goodman in this cozy Death in Paradise spin-off. The new season will see him continuing to solve crimes in Devon, work on his family life, and adjust to the slower pace of coastal Devon. 

Premiered April 4th on BritBox.

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Alex Rider returns for season 3

Alex Rider, Season 3

Anthony Horowitz's (Foyle's War, Magpie Murders) young adult series Alex Rider returns for a third season, this time adapting the fifth book in the series, Scorpia. The new season sees Alex in pursuit of his greatest enemy, a criminal organisation called Scorpia. 

Responsible for much of the pain in his life, he wants them taken down. Unfortunately, the network is bigger and more connected than he ever could have anticipated. 

Though billed as a young adult series (because the books were aimed at young adults), the TV adaptation is perfectly suited to adult viewers, too. The third season is expected to be the last.

Premiered April 5th on Freevee.

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This Glasgow-based coming of age comedy follows Nina (Ashley Storrie), an autistic woman in her thirties who sees her happy life threatened when her sister/best friend/roommate gets engaged. Aside from the social challenges of being her maid of honour, she'll have to come to terms with losing her roommate and support system to her sister's new partner.

As she deals with that, she's also exploring new opportunities in her palaeontology career and a possible new relationship of her own. Along with Ashley Storrie, Kat Ronney (McDonald & Dodds) will play her sister Evie, while Lorn MacDonald (Shetland) will play Lee. 

Premiered April 5th on Hulu.

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How to Date Billy Walsh

How to Date Billy Walsh

In this rom-com, Amelia (Charithra Chandran) and Archie (Sebastian Croft), best friends since childhood, face a twist when Amelia falls for the new guy, Billy Walsh (Tanner Buchanan). Archie, who’s secretly loved Amelia all along, tries to disrupt the budding romance, only to push them closer and risk losing his lifelong friendship with Amelia.

Premiered April 5th on Amazon Prime Video.

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Mary & George
Mary & George

Inspired by The King’s Assassin: The Secret Plot to Murder King James I by Benjamin Woolley, this historical drama adapts the astonishing true story of Mary Villiers (Julianne Moore) and her son, George (Nicholas Galitzine), who rise to power by George becoming King James I's (Tony Curran) influential lover. Their audacious ascent from obscurity to wealth and influence at the English court, becoming the King’s closest advisors, unfolds against a backdrop of national unrest and external threats to England.

Premiered April 5th on Starz.

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Scoop (2024)

Based on Sam McAlister's Scoops: Behind The Scenes of the BBC’s Most Shocking Interviews, this film tells the behind-the-scenes story of the BBC's explosive Prince Andrew interview on Newsnight. It highlights the journalistic efforts of former BBC producer McAlister, from intense negotiations with Buckingham Palace to Emily Maitlis's riveting interview that stunned the world.

Rufus Sewell (The Diplomat) plays “Randy Andy”, while Gillian Anderson (The Fall) plays Emily Maitlis. Other cast members include Billie Piper as BBC producer Sam McAlister, Keeley Hawes as aide Amanda Thirsk, and Romola Garai as Newsnight editor Esme Wren. 

Premiered April 5th on Netflix.

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Toby Jones stars in Mr. Bates vs the Post Office

Mr. Bates vs. the Post Office

This four-part drama is based on the true story of real people who were wrongly prosecuted due to a computer error. Back in the early 2000s, hundreds of subpostmasters – often working class owners of small shops – were accused of theft, false accounting, and fraud. 

Despite the fact that it was happening repeatedly all over the country, the company behind the faulty system, Horizon, insisted there was nothing wrong with the software. Postmasters were forced to come up with their own money to cover the software glitch, and many went to prison, lost their jobs, and saw their marriages and families fall apart. Several even committed suicide. It was only in recent years that people began to get some form of justice.

Toby Jones stars as Alan Bates, the man who campaigned for many years to get justice for those victimised by Horizon and an unfair system.

Premieres April 7th on PBS & PBS Masterpiece. 

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The Real Story of Mr Bates vs the Post Office

The Real Story of Mr. Bates & the Post Office

This documentary is a companion to the dramatic adaptation of the Horizon scandal, Mr. Bates vs. the Post Office, and it takes a closer look at the horrifying true story behind the series. 

Premieres April 7th on PBS & PBS Masterpiece. 

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Hope Street returns for season 3B on April 9th

Hope Street, Season 3B 

Season 3 continues with another 7 45-minute episodes set in the fictional Northern Irish town of Port Devine. Each episode of the series features a self-contained mystery, while also following the larger arc of town life. The cast is almost entirely made up of local talent.

Premieres April 9th on BritBox. 

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Hapless (2020 to present)

This sitcom follows Paul Green, an investigative journalist for The Jewish Enquirer, the “fourth biggest Jewish publication in the UK”. Tim Downie (Toast of London) stars in the series, which has been called “Seinfeld in North London”, earning additional comparisons to Curb Your Enthusiasm and Alan Partridge

Premieres April 10th on Peacock.

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Baby Reindeer

Baby Reindeer

Based on Richard Gadd's play of the same name, this Netflix series follows the relationship between a writer and his female stalker, Martha (Jessica Gunning, The Outlaws). Her obsession forces him to come to terms with past traumas he's suppressed. 

Much of the filming took place in and around Edinburgh, Scotland.

Premieres April 11th on Netflix.

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Faithless (2024)

This six-episode Irish comedy follows three young sisters living in Dublin with their Irish-Egyptian single father. It's all going as well as can be expected until the arrival of his irresponsible younger brother who claims he's there to “help”. Though the premise sounds a bit like a modern, Irish Full House, it leans much more towards black comedy as it explores themes of gender roles, grief, faith, and family.

Premieres April 15th on Acorn TV.

Jimmy Carr: Natural Born Killer

This new standup special from comedian Jimmy Carr explores controversial topics like cancel culture, consent, religion, and gun control. 

Premieres April 16th on Netflix.

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Big Mood

Big Mood

Nicola Coughlan (Derry Girls) plays Maggie, a young woman whose bipolar disorder is flaring up and causing issues in her long-time friendship with Eddie (Lydia West, It's a Sin). With their twenties behind them, it's time to get serious about life – but can their friendship survive what they each need to do? 

Premieres April 19th on Tubi.

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Welcome to Wrexham

Welcome to Wrexham, Season 3

This popular sports docuseries returns for a third season, continuing to follow Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds as they guide the Welsh football club they purchased. 

Premieres April 19th on Hulu.


Predator vs. Prey

Narrated by Howard Charles (Whitstable Pearl), this series follows along as apex predators pursue their prey. The three part series follows cheetahs, lions, and crocodiles as they battle against starvation.

Premieres April 20th on AMC+ and BBC America.

Fern Brady: Autistic Bikini Queen

Scottish comedian Fern Brady reflects on life, death, being autistic, and the disappointments of middle age in this standup special. 

Premieres April 22nd on Netflix.

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Sister Boniface Mysteries returns to BritBox on April 24th

Sister Boniface Mysteries, Season 3

Lorna Watson returns for another season of this delightfully quirky Cotswolds-based mystery. Guest stars this season include Rupert Vansittart (Game of Thrones, Gentleman Jack), Siobhan Redmond (Queens of Mystery, Two Doors Down) and Timothy West (Last Tango in Halifax, Gentleman Jack).

The new season begins with a Christmas special that sees Britain experiencing its worst winter on record, with Sister Boniface stranded in a train when a jewel theft and murder occur on board. Other episodes include the murder of an organist, a sci-fi convention with a mysterious disappearance, and a dead actor at a screen test. Meanwhile, Felix is dealing with a bit of personal turmoil. 

Premieres April 24th on BritBox.

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Screw returns for another series on April 26th

Screw, Season 2

This prison drama returns for another tense season, beginning with the discovery that an undercover officer has been placed on the wing. Big questions remain. Who is the officer? And perhaps more importantly – why are they there?

Premieres April 26th on BritBox.

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Guilt, Season 3

In its thrilling final season, this unexpected hit Scottish crime dramedy sees brothers Max (Mark Bonnar) and Jake (Jamie Sives) back in Edinburgh. Facing threats from past and present foes, they resort to drastic measures to solve their troubles. Together, Max and Jake aim to secure a future that's safe and…and hopefully, separate.

Premieres April 28th on PBS Masterpiece.

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Brand New British TV Shows Arriving in the US in April 2024

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