Live Out Your Wildest Lovejoy Filming Location Fantasies

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Ian McShane as Lovejoy

If you have Acorn, there's a good chance you've spotted Lovejoy back on the menu lately. If you're anything like me, you've probably binge-watched the series at some point (though sadly, they're not all available right now, so that's tough to do without the DVDs). For those who haven't done either of those things, though, I'll summarise.

Played by Ian McShane (who you may recognize from Pirates of the Caribbean or Deadwood), Lovejoy is a roguish antiques dealer with an abnormally high degree of skill at spotting quality pieces. Though he's a fairly accomplished con man, he reserves those morally questionable schemes for people who really deserve it. Between his good nature and charismatic personality, he's hard not to like. Together with a band of colorful friends, Lovejoy scours the British countryside looking for deals and finding trouble.

Where to Watch Lovejoy

The cast of Lovejoy

If you want to watch Lovejoy, your options are somewhat limited for now.

The show is based on a series of picaresque novels by Jonathan Gash (real name John Grant). There are actually quite a lot of them, but many seem to be out of print. You can check out a few of them below, though:

A few more are available in audiobook format:


But What About That Lovejoy Fantasy?

Accommodations at Belchamp Hall

Well, I was very surprised to learn tonight that there's such a thing as Lovejoy fan fiction – but that's not what I'm referring to. I'm talking about the fact that you can actually stay at Lady Jane Felsham's Suffolk estate if you're so inclined. They also host small (<50 guests) weddings, should you be in the market for that sort of thing.

Belchamp Hall, the location used as Lady Jane's home, is now available for weddings or overnight stays. They have three incredible suites on site: Lovejoy's Mill, Lovejoy's Studio, and just plain old Lovejoy's. If you opt for Lovejoy's you'll be staying in what served as his workshop during the last two seasons of the show. Regardless of which one you book, you'll be surrounded by the same level of luxury and refinement enjoyed by Lady Jane herself (which I consider infinitely better than staying somewhere more like the places where Lovejoy typically lived).


The Half Moon Inn – it served as the location for more than a few pub scenes in Lovejoy

Although it couldn't exactly be filed under “budget travel”, it's certainly quite a draw for any hard-core Lovejoy fan. While you're at it, you can go down to the Half Moon Inn of Belchamp St. Paul. It's been a public house for over 400 years now, so it's an antique in its own right – quite fitting for a Lovejoy-themed excursion. Reports indicate that the inside has changed a bit since it appeared on Lovejoy, the exterior remains largely unchanged. Along with a bit of Lovejoy nostalgia, they also serve up a menu that's well above your average pub grub.


Would You Visit Lovejoy Filming Locations – or Filming Locations for Other British TV Shows?

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