Doc Martin, Season 10: Premiere Date & Where to Watch


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Considering the ninth season premiered back in September 2019, so it's understandable that fans are getting a little antsy as they wait for season 10 of Doc Martin. There's good news, though – you won't have to wait too much longer to see the tenth – and sadly, final – season.

Though there was one incredibly scary moment during filming (more on that below), everything turned out okay and things seem to be on schedule.

What is Doc Martin About?

At this point, most British TV fans will have heard of Doc Martin. The first episode aired roughly 18 years ago, and that doesn't the earlier films (though let's be honest – they're not the Doc as we know him).

This much-loved series follows Dr. Martin Ellingham, a “prickly” doctor in a fictional seaside village in Cornwall. He was a successful vascular surgeon in London until he suddenly developed a fear of blood that required him to change how he practices. With surgery out of the question, he becomes a village GP – a tough transition for a man who doesn't get close to many people.

While he feels he's professional and efficient, villagers find him brusque and unfriendly. When he helpfully points out the dangers of the villagers' bad habits, they don't appreciate his advice. In time, they all learn to live with one another – and Ellingham even builds relationships and a proper life for himself in the village.

The character was loosely based on the character of Dr. Martin Bamford in the 2000 film Saving Grace.

Haven't given this one a try? You can watch the first nine seasons of Doc Martin HERE

What's Happening in Season 10 of Doc Martin?

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Martin Clunes will return for season 10 of Doc Martin in 2022

Season 10 of Doc Martin will consist of either new episodes, along with a final Christmas special to bid the characters farewell. 

If you're not caught up through season 9, you may want to skip down to the next section.

Doc Martin‘s ninth season saw all manner of chaos for our beloved villagers. Right away, we saw a representative of the medical council heading to Portwenn to assess Martin and his clinic's suitability – ultimately leading to refresher courses, a test surgery that sees Martin vomit, and the decision to stop practising medicine.

That's right – our “doc” is no longer a doctor.

Meanwhile, Martin and Louisa were debating about whether to have another child. They ultimately decided this was a good idea, leading to fertility treatment and finally, Louisa's announcement that she's pregnant.

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Doc Martin's 9th season featured another wedding

The season ended with a wedding – Al and Morwenna – and Ruth pointing out to Louisa that little James is highly gifted, but different from Martin in that he's lucky enough to have two loving parents to guide him.

So where does that leave us for season 10? Though specifics will always be closely guarded until the premiere, it seems pretty clear that season 10 will be all about setting the path for the rest of Martin and Louisa's lives together. 

Will Martin get back to medicine, or will he find a new career path that gives him more peace and enjoyment? Will the pregnancy go well, and will they adapt to life as a 4-person family? 

We also have to wonder where we'll be in the timeline. With three years in between seasons, will they pick right back up where they left off? Or will we be skipped ahead to an entirely new point in time. Past seasons would seem to suggest they won't leave a huge gap, but you never know.

Given that they've had three years to prepare for what they've stated will be the final season, we expect they'll have found thoughtful ways to tie off all the loose threads with different members of the village, too.

With any luck, they'll start teasing specifics before too much longer.

Which Cast Members Will Return for Season 10 of Doc Martin?

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Martin and Aunt Ruth

Along with Martin Clunes and Caroline Catz as Martin and Louisa Ellingham, returning cast members include Ian McNeice as Bert Large, Dame Eileen Atkins as the Doc's Aunt Ruth, Jessica Ransom as receptionist Morwenna Newcross, and Selina Cadell as Sally Tishel. Many of these actors have been spotted around the set so far this year.

We've yet to see any lists of official guest stars at this time, but ITV often releases a lot more information when the premiere date gets closer. 

When Does Season 10 of Doc Martin Premiere?

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Doc Martin and his family are expected to return for season 10 later this year

In the UK, season 10 will premiere on ITV on the 7th of September (Wednesday) at 9pm. Afterwards, you'll be able to catch up on ITV Hub.

In the US, it's now been officially confirmed that season 10 of Doc Martin will air on Acorn TV starting Monday, October 17th. We'll see two episodes weekly through November 7th. 

Doc Martin, Season 10 Filming Details

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The Cornish village of Port Isaac, where Doc Martin is filmed

As we mentioned, Doc Martin's tenth season began filming earlier this spring. Over the last few months, a number of people on Twitter have posted shots of the crew on set. 

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In early June, there was a scary moment when paramedics were called to the set. Tourists told The Sun that Ian McNeice (aka Bert Large) tripped over a lighting rig, leading some to think he might be seriously injured. Between the often uneven terrain and the amount of equipment on set, it's certainly easy enough to do.

Luckily, he was just a bit stunned and shaken. Filming stopped immediately, putting safety first – and paramedics were able to quickly determine McNeice was not seriously injured.

Other photos and reports of filming activities have been popping up on social media…

On July 5th, crews were spotted outside some cottages in Port Isaac, where the series is filmed. 

On the 30th of May, some lucky fans encountered Martin Clunes and Caroline Catz as they were filming…

And while most of us know it by now, it's always nice to see these reminders that Martin Clunes really does LOVE dogs (and in case you're not sure about that, you can check out Martin Clunes: A Man and His Dogs).

In early May, it looked chilly as scenes were filmed closer to the water… 

A taxi driver (with a wonderful Twitter name, “The BFG: Big Friendly Ginger) confirmed that Ian McNeice is one of the nicest celebrities he's ever met. 

And in late March, more Clunes and more dogs…



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