David Mitchell to Star in Ludwig: A Comedy-Crime Drama with a Puzzle Twist

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Last Updated on January 20, 2024 by Stefanie Hutson

Fans of quirky mysteries or David Mitchell (Peep Show, Back) will be pleased to know BBC One has just begun filming what sounds to be a delightful new mystery with a fresh take on the genre. 

What's Ludwig About?

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David Mitchell will star in Ludwig

Ludwig centres around John ‘Ludwig’ Taylor, played by David Mitchell, whose life takes a dramatic turn when his identical twin, James, mysteriously disappears. John, a recluse who designs puzzles under the alias ‘Ludwig', steps into his brother's life in hopes of finding him.

The twist? James is a successful DCI who leads Cambridge’s major crimes team. The series explores John’s attempts to navigate his brother’s complex world, balancing the demands of solving major crimes while trying to crack the biggest puzzle of his life – his brother’s disappearance. Each episode will offer a “case of the week” while also following his efforts to figure out what happened to his brother.

Of his involvement in the series, Mitchell said:

I’m delighted to be working in a genre of television that I have loved ever since, at the age of 10, I started watching the Miss Marple adaptations, starring Joan Hickson, with my parents. Sometimes the only thing that can bring the whole family together is murder.

Who's Involved in Ludwig?

Along with David Mitchell in the titular role, Anna Maxwell Martin (Motherland) will play Lucy Betts-Taylor, John’s sister-in-law and wife of his missing brother James. Other cast members are Dipo Ola (Landscapers), Gerran Howell (Suspicion), Izuka Hoyle (Boiling Point), Dylan Hughes (Malory Towers), and Dorothy Atkinson (Mum).

Ludwig is a Big Talk Studios production in association with That Mitchell And Webb Company for BBC One and BBC iPlayer. The series is written and created by Mark Brotherhood and features an ensemble cast including Dipo Ola, Gerran Howell, Izuka Hoyle, Dylan Hughes, and Dorothy Atkinson.

The executive production team includes Kenton Allen, Mark Brotherhood, Saurabh Kakkar, David Mitchell, Kathryn O’Connor, and Chris Sussman, with Georgie Fallon as the producer. Directing the series are Robert McKillop and Jill Robertson. The BBC Commissioning Editor is Tanya Qureshi, and ITV Studios will distribute the series internationally.

When Will Ludwig Premiere?

Ludwig began filming in early 2024, and cast members have recently been spotted on set in Cambridge. While the exact premiere date for Ludwig has not been announced, the series will be broadcast on BBC One and available on BBC iPlayer in the UK. Streaming outlets and dates for the US and other countries have not yet been announced. Season one is expected to have six hour-long episodes.

While You Wait: Other British TV Shows Involving Puzzles

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Marlow Murder Club will air soon on PBS

While you wait for Ludwig, here are some other cerebral British TV shows that involve puzzles of one sort or another:

  • Endeavour: This prequel to the classic Inspector Morse series follows the early career of Endeavour Morse. Known for its complex puzzles and intricate plotting, the show is a must-watch for mystery enthusiasts. Stream it HERE
  • Marlow Murder Club (upcoming): Central character Judith Potts is both a cruciverbalist and a keen amateur detective in this upcoming series based on Robert Thorogood's (Death in Paradise) Marlow Murders books. COMING SOON (PBS, date TBD)
  • Sherlock: Benedict Cumberbatch stars in this modern adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes detective stories. Complex puzzles and deductions are central to the show's appeal. Stream it HERE
  • Jonathan Creek: This series features a magician's assistant with a knack for solving seemingly supernatural mysteries, often involving locked rooms, intricate puzzles, and improbable deductions. Stream it HERE
  • The Bletchley Circle: Set in the 1950s, this series follows four women who used to work as codebreakers at Bletchley Park. Post-war, they use their skills to solve crimes, combining their talents for decryption and pattern recognition. Stream it HERE

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