17 Brand New British TV Shows Premiering in June 2024 (US)

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BritBox and Acorn TV are two of the most consistent sources of British TV shows in the US, but there are more than a dozen streaming services that bring in new releases from the UK on a regular basis. To help you keep track, we like to make it a little easier each month by looking at which brand new shows are premiering across the major US streaming services.

This list only includes those shows that:

  • Are streaming for the first time in the US in June 2024
  • Began airing in the UK within the last year or so
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Changing Ends

Changing Ends, Season 1 (2023)

Set against the backdrop of Thatcher’s Britain (1980s), this semi-autobiographical sitcom stars Alan Carr as the son of a professional football manager. It's billed as a “show about school and family, and figuring out who you are when your family are Match of the Day football fanatics – and you’re a little bit Miss Marple”.

Alan Carr stars alongside Oliver Savell (Belfast) as a young Alan Carr.

Premiered June 6th on BritBox.

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Queenie (2024)

Dionne Brown (Criminal Record) stars as Queenie Jenkins, a twentysomething Jamaican British woman living in south London and struggling to adapt to an adult life that straddles two cultures. After breaking up with her boyfriend, she finds comfort in all the wrong ways, only to realise she has to try a drastically different approach if she wants to move forward in a positive and productive way. The show is based on Candice Carty-Williams's novel of the same name.

Premiered June 7th on Hulu

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Love Island UK

Love Island UK, Season 11

This popular reality show places conventionally attractive young people in a villa together. Home viewers watch as they attempt to attract a partner and stay coupled up so they can remain on the island. Along the way, home viewers also have opportunities to vote on their favourites, with losers risking elimination. 

Premiered June 8th on Hulu

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Wreck, Season 2

Season 1 of this horror-comedy saw Jamie (Oscar Kennedy, Ladhood) joining the case of a cruise ship in an attempt to find out more about his sister's disappearance. Season 2 picks up after the events of season 1, and because it's hard to say much about it without giving spoilers about the first season, we'll just say that the new episodes see Jamir and his new friends back on land and continuing their mission. This time, they're infiltrating a wellness festival for the wealthy.

Premiered June 11th on Hulu.

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Blue Lights

Blue Lights, Season 2

This Belfast-based crime drama returns for a second season, this time following the officers as they handle a serious gangland feud. It's been a year since the fall of the McIntyre gang, but rival gangs have been quick to fill in the power vacuum. Grace (Sian Brooke, Good Omens), Annie (Katherine Devlin, The Dig) and Tommy (Nathan Braniff) are doing their best, and Constable Shane Bradley (Frank Blake, Sanditon) has been drafted in to help. Grace struggles to deal with her son’s absence and her own growing feelings for fellow officer Stevie (Martin McCann, Marcella), while Tommy is seduced by the world of intelligence policing. All around them, tensions are rising – leading to a violent final confrontation.

Premiered June 13th on BritBox.

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Bridgerton: Season 3, Part 2

This racy period drama returns for another chunk of episodes, this time focusing on the relationship between Penelope and Colin, as well as the impact the relationship has on their close friends and family. 

Premiered June 13th on Netflix.

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Professor T

Professor T, Season 3

Ben Miller (Death in Paradise) returns for another season as Professor Jasper Tempest, a talented Cambridge criminology professor and police consultant who struggles with severe OCD. As season 3 begins, we'll see Professor T stuck in prison and fighting for both his freedom and his career. Holding himself together in a prison environment will require the support of both his mother, Adelaide, and his therapist Dr. Helena. 

Along with Miller, we'll see the return of Emma Naomi as DS Lisa Donckers, Frances de la Tour as Adelaide Tempest, Juliet Stevenson as Dr. Helena Goldberg, Barney White (Petrichor) as DS Dan Winters, Andy Gathergood (Four Lives) as DI Paul Rabbit, Juliet Aubrey (Whitstable Pearl) as DCI Christina Brand, Sarah Woodward (Queens of Mystery) as Ingrid Snares, and Douglas Reith (Downton Abbey) as The Dean.

Premieres June 16th on PBS & PBS Masterpiece. Episodes will air as follows:

  • June 16th, “Heir to the Throne” – Despite the fact that he's struggling to adjust to remand prison, Jasper somehow manages to get wrapped up in the case of a car parts dealer who's been murdered.
  • June 23rd, “The Perfect Picture” – When a bride is found floating in the hotel pool on her wedding night, it's a sharp contrast to the usual “happiest day of her life” ideal. While the wedding seemed happy on the surface, it doesn't take long for the Professor T to find the cracks. 
  • June 30th, “Truth & Justice” – Professor T is forced to make a difficult choice in court – save himself or save his former mistress, Christina. At the same time, a prison guard has been found dead and the hardest part of the case is ruling out the numerous suspects. 
  • July 7th, “A Little Drop of Poison” – As life gets back to normal, Professor T is eager to jump back into his work at the university and with the police. His first case back involves a series of mysterious deaths.
  • July 14th, “The Conference” – When the man who replaced him in his criminology post is killed at a criminology conference, Professor T will attempt to solve a murder that's left other experts perplexed. 
  • July 21st, “Attachment Issues” – After a car crash, a woman is found dead, but not as a result of the crash. In investigating the case, Professor T notices some interesting similarities to his own situation.
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DI Ray

DI Ray, Season 2

Parminder Nagra returns as DI Ray, this time handling a high-profile case related to the murder of Frank Chapman, head of a notorious crime family. A local nurse was caught up in the crossfire, their deaths ignite tensions all across the city. DI Ray and her team will have to act quickly to bring the culprit to justice before civilian unrest, gang tensions, and attempts at retaliation make a bad situation even worse.

Premieres June 16th on PBS & PBS Masterpiece.

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Rishi Nair joins the cast of Grantchester

Grantchester, Season 9

Season 9 of this popular and long-running drama begins in 1961, a period of accelerated social change throughout the UK. Will has begun to think of new possibilities outside the tiny village of Grantchester, and Geordie and Cathy are struggling to cope with the realities of Esme being out in the world. New drama enters the picture when Reverend Alphy arrives to a less-than-warm welcome.

Premieres June 16th on PBS & PBS Masterpiece. New episodes will air weekly as follows:

  • Episode 1 | June 16 – Will and Geordie look into the mysterious death of a circus performer. Will receives an unexpected offer that makes him reconsider his life in Grantchester.
  • Episode 2 | June 23 – An abandoned baby is found on the same day a hotel manager is discovered dead. Geordie faces more complications when Will shares shocking news.
  • Episode 3 | June 30 – Geordie and the new vicar, Alphy Kottaram, clash initially but soon join forces to investigate the murder of a local landowner.
  • Episode 4 | July 7 – Alphy attends a party at a country manor to raise funds for the church, but the evening turns grim when a body is found in the basement.
  • Episode 5 | July 14 – A murder at Esme’s workplace sends shockwaves through the Keating family. Alphy's meeting with the bishop does not go as planned.
  • Episode 6 | July 2 – Alphy and Geordie investigate the murder of an archaeologist, uncovering a complex web of betrayal and deceit.
  • Episode 7 | July 28 – Alphy is shocked to learn that a woman he knows is missing. When her friend is later found brutally murdered, Alphy and Geordie race to uncover the truth.
  • Episode 8 | August 4 – A reclusive man is found dead on the streets of Cambridge. Alphy and Geordie follow a trail of clues that leads them to a startling revelation.
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House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon, Season 2

This Game of Thrones spin-off is based on George RR Martin's novel Fire & Blood, with the action set 200 years before the events of the original series. It picks up where the first season left off, and the new series finds Westeros on the brink of civil war. The Green Council is fighting for King Aegon while the Black Council fights for Queen Rhaenyra, each side convinced theirs is the one owed the rightful seat on the Iron Throne.

Premieres June 16th on HBO and Max (formerly HBO Max).

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Grand Designs

Grand Designs, Season 19

Kevin McCloud returns to present another season full of daring, stylish, and expensive home building projects. Each project unfolds over a series of months or even years, with many projects getting derailed due to funds or personal issues. Series 19 follows self-builds all over the UK, from a sculptural home in Devon, to an ambitious renovation on a Scottish country estate and an eye-catching triangular home in Sussex.

Premieres June 17th on BritBox.

Federer: Twelve Final Days

Tennis fans will surely be delighted at this intimate look at the final twelve days of Roger Federer's impressive career. After a lifetime of intense practice and complete dedication to the sport, this documentary uses home video footage never intended for the world to show us what it's like when the career spawned from someone's all-consuming passion is about to come to an end. It also includes interviews with friends and rivals like Andy Murray, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokivic. 

Premieres June 20th on Amazon Prime Video.

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Manhunt: The Phantom Cop Killer | Photo by Shutterstock (93983g)

Manhunt: The Phantom Cop Killer (2023)

For a few weeks in the summer of 1982, Barry Prudom was the single most wanted man in all of the UK. After shooting two police officers and a pensioner, a massive 1000-officer search party set out across West Yorkshire in search of the culprit. Having learned evasion and survival techniques on an SAS course, he managed to evade capture, earning the nickname “The Phantom”. Eventually, the man who taught him, Eddie “Jungle Eddie” McGee, stepped forward, and it was he who was tasked with finding the seemingly un-catchable man. 

This series is not to be confused with the Manhunt series on Acorn TV, which starred Martin Clunes as DCI Colin Sutton.

Premieres June 21st on BritBox.

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Northern Lights

Northern Lights, Season 1

This raw series tells the story of two grieving strangers, Lloyd (Stephen Jones, Kin) and Áine (Elva Trill, Starstruck), whose worlds collide on a rainy night in Dublin when Lloyd notices Áine standing on Grattan Bridge. Fearing the worst, he decides to intervene. Over time, they realise they can each provide something the other needs, and a friendship begins to bloom.

Premieres June 26th on BritBox. 

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Domino Day

Domino Day (2024)

Siena Kelly stars as Domino Day, a young witch who uses dating apps not for dates, but to hunt. Despite her extraordinary powers, she lacks a community to help her find her place in the world and use her powers responsibly. Nearby, a coven tracks her every move in hopes of stopping her before she destroys everything around her. 

Premieres June 27th on Sundance Now & AMC+, new episodes weekly on Thursdays.

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My Lady Jane

My Lady Jane (2024)

In real life, Lady Jane Grey spent a mere nine days on the throne before being removed and, soon after, beheaded. She was just a teenager. In this historic re-imagining, however, King Henry VIII's son Edward lives, and Jane becomes queen – and instead of getting beheaded, she saves herself. 

Emily Bader (Charmed) takes on the role of Jane, while Jordan Peters (Everything I Know About Love) plays Edward. 

Premieres June 27th on Amazon Prime Video.

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This sci-fi drama follows a group of ordinary African South Londoners who discover they have highly unusual powers. Tosin Cole stars as Michael Lasaki, the man who must bring them all together. 

Premieres June 27th on Netflix.

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Plenty of great older shows are also being added to BritBox and Acorn TV this month, and May was loaded with good stuff – so you're not completely out of luck if June's lineup just isn't doing it for you.

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Brand New British TV Shows Coming in June 2024


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