Bergerac Guest Stars You Might Recognise

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john nettles in bergerac
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One of the fun things about watching older British TV shows is spotting all the people who are famous for other roles – and all the people who've become famous since their time in relatively minor guest roles.

Bergerac is a great series for doing that, as it was both popular and long-running. The gorgeous filming location (the island of Jersey) probably didn't hurt their chances of attracting great guest talent, either. 

Haven't watched Bergerac yet? You can check it out HERE on BritBox. Series 4 is currently unavailable (no word on whether they'll get it), but the rest of the episodes are there.

Well-Known British Actors Who Guest Starred on Bergerac

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Richard Griffiths in Bergerac

Richard Griffiths

Before he was Vernon Dursley in Harry Potter or Henry Crabbe in Pie in the Sky, Richard Griffiths guest-starred as Jean-Pierre in Season 2, Episode 6.

James Warwick 

Known for a long and active career in both the theatre and television, many readers will recognise James Warwick from roles like Tommy in Partners in Crime or Dan Walters in The Terracotta Horse (may be a bit too old for some of our younger readers). In Bergerac, he was Jack Lefevre in Season 6, Episode 2.

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Prunella Scales in Bergerac

Prunella Scales 

After her stint as Mrs. Fawlty on Fawlty Towers and before she showed us the wonders of the British canals on Great Canal Journeys, Prunella Scales was Gloria Gibbins in Season 1, Episode 3 of Bergerac

Ian McNeice

Long before he was Bert Large on Doc Martin, Ian McNeice was Fowler in Season 4, Episode 9 of Bergerac. Sadly, this one's not currently available to stream. 

Bill Nighy

Though better known as Billy Mack in Love Actually or Davy Jones in the Pirates of the Caribbean, Bill Nighy was Barry in Season 9, Episode 11 of Bergerac

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Lynda LaPlante on Bergerac

Lynda La Plante

Lynda LaPlante is best known as the writer of Prime Suspect, Prime Suspect 1973, Trial & Retribution, and Above Suspicion – but she also plays Lisa Reynolds in Season 1, Episode 9 (credited as Lynda Marchal).

Tessa Peake-Jones 

Before she was Mrs. Maguire on Grantchester, Peake-Jones played a reporter in Season 3, Episode 5 of Bergerac

George Costigan

Better known as Bob in Rita, Sue, and Bob Too – or one of his roles in shows like Line of Duty and Happy Valley – George Costigan also enjoyed a brief role on Bergerac as Oliver Sutton in Season 7, Episode 8.

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Anthony Head in Bergerac

Anthony Head 

Before he was aiding in vampire murder on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, dating a younger woman in You, Me, & Them, or goading his ex-wife in Ted Lasso, Anthony Head was Bill in Season 1, Episode 5 of Bergerac.

Phil Davis

He's better known for his role on Rose & Maloney or the more recent Riviera (along with quite a few others), but in Bergerac, Phil Davis was Eric in Season 2, Episode 1.

Amanda Redman 

Before Good Karma Hospital and New Tricks, Amanda Redman was Pauline Taylor in Season 4, Episode 10. Sadly, this one's not currently available to stream. 

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Geoffrey Palmer in Bergerac

Geoffrey Palmer

Before he was the lovably grumpy Lionel Hardcastle in As Time Goes By (but after he starred in Butterflies), Geoffrey Palmer was Nigel Carter in Season 8, Episode 4 of Bergerac

Sir Michael Gambon

Better known for Harry Potter, Maigret, or one of his many Shakespearean performances, Sir Michael Gambon did a lovely job playing Jarvis McLeod in Season 5, Episode 2 of Bergerac

Susan Penhaligon

She played Judi Dench's sister in the 80s comedy classic A Fine Romance, but in Bergerac, she was Ruth Gardiner in Season 7, Episode 2.

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Jenny Funnell in Bergerac

Jenny Funnell

Another guest who would go on to star in As Time Goes By, Jenny Funnell enjoyed a brief role on Bergerac as “Estate Agent Girl” in Season 6, Episode 5.

David Troughton (The Cafe

He was Stan Astill in The Cafe and Ricky Hansen in New Tricks, but he was DI Walter in Season 7, Episode 5 of Bergerac

Warren Clarke

Perhaps better known from shows like Poldark, The Invisibles, and Dalziel & Pascoe, Warren Clarke also guest-starred on Bergerac on two separate occasions. He played Philip Bernard in Season 1, Episode 9 and Henry Hoffman in Season 4, Episode 8.

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Sir Tony Robinson in Bergerac

Sir Tony Robinson 

Whether you liked him in Blackadder or you love following along with his travel and history programmes, you'll probably get a laugh from Sir Tony Robinson's role as Shlomo Denkovitz in Season 8, Episode 2 of Bergerac

Barry Jackson

Most of us will know him as the guy who explained gruesome deaths to us in Midsomer Murders, but in Bergerac, Barry Jackson was DCI Kinsey in Season 8, Episode 2.

What Was Your Favourite Guest Role in Bergerac?

Did you have a favourite guest role or guest star over the course of Bergerac? Can you think of any good ones we've missed? Don't hesitate to let us know in the comments!


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