Acorn TV Original Whitstable Pearl Renewed for Season 3

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Last Updated on February 12, 2024 by Stefanie Hutson

Season 2 of Whitstable Pearl premiered back in late 2022 and with no news since then, many had started to lose hope of a third season – but this month, Acorn TV announced they're hard at work on season 3.

What's Whitstable Pearl About?

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Whitstable Pearl will return for season 3

Set against the backdrop of the lovely (but often grey) English seaside town of Whitstable, Whitstable Pearl  follows Pearl Nolan (Kerry Godliman, After Life), a middle-aged single mother who juggles her role as a restaurateur with her growing private detective business. Now that her son is off at uni, she's able to pursue her own investigative dream – but all too often, she runs into murder. 

Given her natural curiosity and the fact that many of the cases involve people she knows, Pearl frequently finds herself butting heads with a grumpy new detective who's just come to town from London. DCI Mike McGuire (Howard Charles) proves to be both an obstacle to her efforts and a potential love interest (as one might expect, given that the series is based on “cosy” source material). 

One interesting thing to note about Whistable Pearl is that while it's based on Julie Wassmer's cosy mystery series of the same name, the TV series feels significantly darker. So – if you've seen the books and the colourful covers made you think this one might be too light for you, we'd recommend trying a few episodes anyway.

What's Happening in Season 3?

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Whitstable Pearl

Season 3 will see Pearl taking on new challenges that test her detective skills like never before. Though specific episode descriptions haven't been announced, we know that along with reopening an infamous local cold case she'll also look into the death of a famous food critic. 

Who's in the Cast for Season 3 of Whitstable Pearl?

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Pearl and her mum

Kerry Godliman returns to lead the cast as Pearl Nolan, bringing her character's strength, wit, and determination to the forefront once again. Alongside Godliman, Howard Charles stars as DCI Mike McGuire, Pearl's counterpart in law enforcement and occasional collaborator. Together, they form a dynamic duo, each bringing their unique skills to solve the town's most perplexing mysteries.

The series is produced by Debbie Pisani, with Tony Wood, Richard Tulk-Hart, Catherine Mackin, Bea Tammer, Øystein Karlsen, Mike Walden, and Julie Wassmer serving as executive producers.

When Will Season 3 of Whitstable Pearl Premiere?

Filming for season 3 begins in Kent in March 2024, and while no official premiere date has been announced, we'd be surprised to see new episodes coming out any sooner than late 2024. Early 2025 might even be more likely, depending on what else is in the schedule.

In the US, season 3 of Whitstable Pearl will premiere on Acorn TV. In the meantime, you can catch up on seasons 1 and 2 on Acorn TV. Some services like Amazon Prime Video also offer the option to purchase episodes instead of committing to a monthly subscription.

While You Wait: Enjoy the Whitstable Pearl Mystery Novels

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Though you don't necessarily have to read the books to enjoy the series, books do offer more insight into the characters, the local history, and the stories themselves (they have more space to work with, after all). They're also great if you find the show is too dark for you, since the books lean more traditionally “cosy”.

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You can read more about the Whitstable Pearl series over on Great British Book Club, or take a virtual walk around the town of Whitstable HERE

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