Upcoming Comedy-Thriller from Derry Girls Writer Lisa McGee, How to Get to Heaven From Belfast

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Last Updated on January 21, 2024 by Stefanie Hutson

If you've been missing Derry Girls since it ended, you're in luck. Creator Lisa McGee is bringing a brand-new comedy-thriller to Channel 4 in the not-too-distant future. 

What's How to Get to Heaven From Belfast About?

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Belfast will, unsurprisingly, serve as the backdrop for How to Get to Heaven From Belfast

How to Get to Heaven From Belfast follows the lives of a group of school friends who have grown apart over the years. Now in their late thirties, their paths cross again under unusual circumstances – the wake of a former classmate.

The main characters – successful writer Saoirse, mother-of-three Robyn, and full-time caretaker Dara – find themselves caught up in a mysterious adventure. Their quest for the truth takes them from the historically rich streets of Belfast, where “the pain of the past is plastered on every mural”, to the rugged beauty of rural Donegal and across Ireland. The series explores themes of friendship, memory, and the unexpected places life sometimes takes us.

Of the new series, McGee said:

I’ve wanted to make a comedy thriller set in Northern Ireland for such a long time. I cannot wait to share these flawed funny women with everyone.

Who's Involved in the Production?

The series is the brainchild of Lisa McGee, who serves as both the writer and creator. Production is being overseen by Hat Trick Productions, with executive producers Caroline Leddy and Liz Lewin, who collaborated with McGee on Derry Girls, and Jimmy Mulville. 

Casting details have not yet been announced, but given the success of Derry Girls, we fully expect to see some of Ireland and the UK's most talented actors lining up for the opportunity to be part of the project.

When Will How to Get to Heaven From Belfast Premiere?

Set to begin filming in the summer of 2024 in Belfast, the series is expected to be made up of 8 hour-long episodes. In the UK, the series is expected to premiere on Channel 4. 

International distribution and premiere details have not yet been announced. 

While You Wait: Other Lisa McGee TV Projects…

Derry Girls
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Derry Girls

If you're not one who pays attention to names beyond the lead actors, it may surprise you to learn Lisa McGee has been making serious contributions to the British and Irish TV landscape for quite some time. Below, we take a look at some of the other projects she's been involved in.

  • Derry Girls: This critically acclaimed Channel 4 comedy series captures the lives of teenagers growing up in Northern Ireland during the Troubles. Launched in 2018, its authentic portrayal and humorous take on a significant period in history have earned it a Royal Television Society Award and a Bafta TV award. Stream it on Netflix.
  • Being Human: While not a creation of McGee, she contributed significantly as a writer for this supernatural drama. It blends elements of fantasy with the everyday struggles of being human, or in this case, a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost sharing a flat. Stream it HERE
  • London Irish: This sitcom, written by McGee, follows the lives of four Northern Irish expats living in London – and all the cultural baggage that goes along with that. Stream it HERE
  • Raw: Set in a bustling Dublin restaurant, McGee served as a writer on this series. It veers towards the soapy, but it's a fun drama with a distinct Irish flavour. Stream it HERE

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