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Sally Ann – 1979 – Stephanie Cole stars in this drama about a group of people involved with a Salvation Army center.

Saracen – 1989 – David and Tom work for Saracen Systems, a private security firm with high-end clients and high-risk jobs.  

Screen One – 1989 to 1994 – This drama anthology series was created after Screen One, and designed for BBC1's more mainstream audience.  

Screen Two – 1985 to 1994 – This drama anthology series was originally created to air on BBC2.      

Screenplay – 1986 to 1993 – This series showcased feature-length television dramas.        

Seal Morning – 1986 – Based on the Rowena Farre novel, this serial tells the story of a child who goes to live with her aunt in a remote area, and the seal they raise together.

Secret Diary of a Call Girl – 2007 to 2011 – Billie Piper (Doctor Who) stars as a high-end London call girl.    

Secret Smile – 2005 – When Miranda Cotton breaks up with her creepy boyfriend, he turns to her sister and is seen as the perfect son-in-law until strange things begin to happen to the family.

Secret State – 2012 – This political drama covers an investigation into safety procedures at a large petrochemical company after a devastating accident.

Secrets and Words – 2012 – This miniseries is a collection of dramatic episodes on the theme of adult literacy.

Sense & Sensibility – 2008 – When a woman finds herself newly widowed and poor with three daughters, she downsizes and attempts to find good husbands for each of them.

Sharman – 1996 – Clive Owen stars in this crime drama series based on the Nick Sharman books by Mark Timlin.

Shoebox Zoo – 2004 to 2005 – Alan Cumming and Rik Mayall star in this children's adventure series about a young American student studying in Edinburgh, whose toys come to life at night.  

Shoestring – 1979 to 1980 – Eddie Shoestring is a talk radio detective.  

Silk – 2011 to 2014 – This legal drama focuses on London barristers from a set of criminal law chambers.    

Single Father – 2010 – David Tennant stars in this drama about a regular guy trying to raise his family after the death of his wife.

Six Face – 1972 – Six people meet a businessman, and he presents a different personality to each of them.  

Skins – 2007 to 2013 – This edgy drama is about a group of teens growing up in Bristol.       

Sky – 1975 – Three human teenagers help a lost young time traveler stranded on Earth.

Smiley's People – 1982 – Based on a John Le Carre novel, British spymaster George Smiley is brought out of retirement by the murder of a Soviet defector he once handled.

Sons and Lovers – 1981 – This BBC adaptation of the DH Lawrence novel starred Eileen Atkins (Cranford).

Sorted – 2006 – This short-lived Manchester-based drama follows the personal and professional lives of a group of postmen.

South Riding – 2011 – A left-wing Yorkshire headmistress feels deeply for the injustices faced by her students while also caring deeply for a Tory.

Sparkhouse – 2002 – This modern take on Wuthering Heights was written by screenwriter Sally Wainwright (Happy Valley).

Spies of Warsaw – 2013 – David Tennant stars in this drama about a military attaché at the French embassy in Warsaw when WW2 breaks out.

SS-GB – 2017 – This drama is set in an alternative timeline where the UK is occupied by the Nazis, and Winston Churchill has been executed.

Starlings – 2012 to 2013 – A working-class couple in Derbyshire brings grandpa into their crowded home.  

Steel River Blues – 2004 – This series examines the lives of a team of firefighters in Northeast England.

Stella – 2012 to 2017 – A Welsh single mother holds her family together while struggling to make a living ironing.      

Strangers & Brothers – 1984 – Anthony Hopkins portrays an ambitious lawyer in the years before WWII.  

Strike Back – 2010 to present – A secretive British military unit conducts covert intelligence operations around the globe.      

Striking Out – 2017 to 2018 – Ireland – After her husband and fellow solicitor cheats on her with a coworker, a woman quits to start her own firm.  

Summer of Rockets – 2019 – This Cold War-era drama focuses on a Russian-Jewish inventor and his family as they live in an increasingly tense Britain.

Sword of Honour – 1986 – This miniseries takes a look at some of Britain's military heroes and the price they paid, both at home and abroad.

Taboo – 2017 to present – An adventurer returns home to London to rebuild the family business during the War of 1812.  

Take Me – 2001 – Robson Green stars in this drama about a couple that moves into a new home, only to find themselves in a strange web of illicit secrets with their neighbours.

Tales from Pleasure Beach – 2001 – This miniseries presents three different tales that all happen at the same Welsh resort.

Tales of the City – 1994 – This British-American miniseries is based on Armistead Maupin's book about colorful people living in San Francisco.

Tales of Uplift and Moral Improvement – 2001 – Each week, an Edwardian narrator (Rik Mayall) presents period dramas about children in morally challenging circumstances.

Teachers – 2001 to 2004 – Andrew Lincoln (The Walking Dead) stars in this early 2000s series about the exploits of teachers both in and out of the classroom.    

Temple – 2019 to present – This series is a remake of the Norwegian medical drama Valkyrien, about a surgeon who is pushed to the limit in his attempts to save his dying wife.

Tenko – 1981 to 1984 – In 1942, a group of British, Australian, and Dutch women are held in a Japanese internment camp.    

Tess of the D'Urbervilles – 2009 – In this miniseries based on the Thomas Hardy work, Tess Durbeyfield is a poor country girl with connections to nobility.

There She Goes – 2018 to present – David Tennant stars in this family comedy-drama about a young girl with severe learning disabilities.

Therese Raquin – 1980 – This tale of passion and obsession is based on the novel by Emile Zola.

This is England 86 – 2010 – This spinoff of the 2006 film This is England focuses on members of the mod revival scene.

This is England 88 – 2011 – This sequel to This is England 86 focuses on the same cast of characters, 2 years later.

This is England 90 – 2015 – Friends from the previous This is England installments are reunited in the midst of 1990s rave culture.

Thomas & Sarah – 1979 – This spinoff of Upstairs Downstairs follows two characters from the earlier series.

Three Girls – 2017 – Authorities ignore the trafficking of young girls by British Pakistani men.

Tina & Bobby – 2017 – This miniseries follows the relationship of Tina Dean and her West Ham United footballer husband, Bobby Moore.

Tinsel Town – 2000 to 2001 – Dawn Steele (Monarch of the Glen) appears in this BBC drama that takes place in the Glasgow club scene.  

Tipping the Velvet – 2002 – This period drama tells the story of a love affair between two music hall women in the 1890s.

Titanic – 2012 – This retelling of the Titanic's sinking was written by Julian Fellowes (Downton Abbey) to mark the 100th anniversary of the disaster.

tlc – 2002 – A new doctor finds himself in a bit over his head when he starts working in the darkly surreal South Middlesex Hospital.

To Serve Them All My Days – 1980 to 1981 – Injured and shell-shocked from WWI, David takes a job in a boy’s school. 

Traffik – 1989 – Vastly different people from all walks of life intersect in an international story about heroin and drug trafficking.

Trauma – 2018 to present – This thriller shows how two fathers’ lives collide when one man’s son dies at the hands of the other.

Triangle – 1981 to 1983 – A ferry crew in the North Sea runs a triangular route between Amsterdam, Felixstowe, and Gothenburg.   

Troy: Fall of a City – 2018 – This miniseries is a retelling of the siege of Troy, loosely based on the Iliad.

Truckers – 2013 – This drama revolves around the lives of truck drivers in Nottingham.

True Love aka Love Life – 2012 – This series tells five tales of different people dealing with love and life.

Trust – 2003 – Robson Green and Sarah Parish star in this often-humorous legal drama about a brash lawyer who uses unconventional logic to win his cases.

Trust – 2018 – This British-American production tells the story of the Getty family and the 1973 kidnapping and ransom of John Paul Getty III.

Tutankhamun – 2016 – This adventure miniseries is based on Howard Carter's discovery of King Tut's tomb.

Tutti Frutti – 1987 – Robbie Coltrane stars as an aging Scottish rock and roll star.

Twenty Thousand Streets Under the Sky – 2005 – This miniseries focuses on the lives and loves of working-class Londoners in the 1930s.

Two Thousand Acres of Sky – 2001 to 2003 – A single mother with two children moves from the inner city to a small Scottish village to improve their lives.    

Under the Mountain – 1983 – New Zealand – While on vacation in Auckland, two teens meet a man who turns out to be an alien in need of assistance.

Upstairs Downstairs – 1971 to 1977 – This drama follows the aristocratic Bellamy family and the servants who live downstairs. 

Upstairs Downstairs – 2010 to 2012 – This drama reveals the lives of a well-off family upstairs and their servants who live downstairs.