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Parade's End – 2013 – Benedict Cumberbatch stars in this series about a love triangle between an aristocrat, a socialite, and a suffragette.

Paradox – 2009 – In this sci-fi police drama, a group of investigators look into evidence for events that haven't actually happened yet.

Patrick Melrose – 2018 – Based on the semi-autobiographical Patrick Melrose novels by Edward St. Aubyn, this miniseries tells the story of an upper class man's addictions and family troubles.

Peaky Blinders – 2014 to present – Set in early 20th century Birmingham, this series focuses on gang boss Tommy Shelby and his family.      

Pen Talar – 2010 – This epic Welsh drama tells the story of two families over the course of half a century.

Penmarric – 1979 – While his mother fights to gain control of Penmarric for her son Mark, Mark has his own ideas about what he wants to do.

Penny Dreadful – 2014 to 2016 – In Victorian England, an explorer, an American gunslinger, and a scientist fight dark forces.    

Performance – 1992 to 1998 – This anthology series focused on the production of classic and contemporary plays. 

Play for Today – 1970 to 1984 – This anthology series covered all genres and featured a number of acting standouts like Alison Steadman, Liz Smith, and Nigel Hawthorne.    

Poldark – 2015 to 2019 – Aidan Turner stars in this remake of the story of Poldark, a man who returns home from the American Revolution to find both his fortunes and his love life in turmoil.     

Poldark – 1977 to 1978 – Ross Poldark returns home to Cornwall after the American Revolution, only to find his life in tatters.  

Portrait of a Marriage – 1990 – In Post-WWI England, two women embark on an illicit love affair that becomes increasingly destructive.

PREMature – 2015 – In West London, a young man comes of age and sees the people around him moving in two distinctly different directions.

Press – 2018 to present – This drama offers a glimpse into the private lives of hard-driving journalists under the pressure of the modern 24-hour news cycle.

Pride & Prejudice – 1995 – Elizabeth Bennet tries her hand at love in Regency period England.

Prince Regent – 1979 – This miniseries tells the story of George, Prince of Wales, a man who waited almost 60 years for the throne.

Privates – 2013 – In 1960, eight young men are part of the last group of conscripts for National Service.

Rain Shadow – 2007 – Australia – A veterinarian struggles to save a community ravaged first by drought, then by a sheep disease.

Rake – 2011 to 2018 – Australia – Defense lawyer Cleaver Greene makes a career out of hopeless cases, perhaps because his own personal life is troubled enough to help him relate.      

Real Women – 1998 to 1999 – Five female friends reunite in London for a wedding and talk about the highs and lows of their lives.  

Reckless – 1997 – A young doctor returns home to Manchester to look after his sick father, then falls in love with his boss’s wife. 

Red Letter Day – 1976 – This anthology series looks at red letter days for different characters.

Red Rock – 2015 to present – Ireland – Members of the Red Rock Garda fight crime and protect citizens.

Restless – 2012 – A young woman finds out her mother was a WW2 spy whose life hasn't been the same since.

Return of the Saint – 1978 to 1979 – Ian Ogilvy stars as Templar, a wealthy and mysterious do-gooder.

Rocket Man – 2005 – A newly widowed man in Wales attempts to launch his wife's ashes into space.

Room at the Top – 2012 – This period drama is an adaptation of John Braine's novel about an ambitious young Yorkshireman in the 1940s.

Rosamunde Pilcher's Shades of Love – 2010 – This German production was set in Scotland and tells the story of a Scottish Laird with long-kept family secrets.  

Rumpole of the Bailey – 1978 to 1992 – Leo McKern starred as Horace Rumpole, a defense barrister who often took on underdog clients.

Run – 2013 – This gritty four-part miniseries focuses on four people and the way their lives impact each other.