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Vera – 2011 to present – DCI Vera Stanhope investigates murders in the Northumberland countryside.   

Vexed – 2010 to 2012 – Detectives Jack and Georgina have a certain chemistry, but it's complicated.  

Villains – 1972 – This series looks at the criminal misadventures of nine bank robbers.

Vincent – 2005 to 2006 – Vincent is an ex-cop who becomes a private investigator and takes on the tough cases.  

Waking the Dead – 2000 to 2011 – Using new technology, DS Boyd and his team open unsolved cases.  

Wallander – 2008 to 2016 – This English-language, Sweden-based mystery series is an adaptation of Henning Mankell’s novels about Kurt Wallander, a highly empathetic detective.   

What Remains – 2013 – When a young couple moves into an apartment, they find a dead body and it kicks off an investigation into a young woman's disappearance two years prior.

Whitechapel – 2009 to 2013 – An inspector, a detective sergeant, and a historical homicide expert look at crimes that may have connections to the Whitechapel district.  

Whodunnit – 2013 – Thirteen contestants try to follow the clues and figure who committed the murder.

Wilde Alliance – 1978 – This series follows the investigative efforts of husband and wife amateur detectives, Rupert and Amy Wilde.

Winter – 2015 – Australia – Eve Winter, a Sydney homicide detective, solves some of the most difficult cases while dealing with bureaucracy and the challenges of being a woman in her field.

Wire in the Blood – 2002 to 2009 – An eccentric psychologist helps the police solve murders by getting inside the minds of the killers.

Without Motive – 2000 to 2001 – A detective attempts to solve a series of murders that seemingly lack motive.  

WPC 56 – 2013 to 2015 – This period drama dives into the challenges faced by the first WPC (Woman Police Constable) in a West Midlands police force in the 1950s.   

Wycliffe – 1994 to 1998 – Based on W.J. Burley’s novels, this Cornwall-based series features DS Charles Wycliffe, a man who investigates murders with a unique level of determination and accuracy.

Z Cars – 1962 to 1978 – Of the 801 episodes made of this gritty Lancashire-based police drama, fewer than half survive.  

Zastrozzi – 1986 – This retelling of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein puts the characters into present-day England.

Zen – 2011 – A handsome detective works to bring integrity and justice to Roman streets.

Zodiac – 1974 – A logical cop meets a pretty young astrologer and finds his ideas about the world tested.