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Jack Irish – 2012 to 2018 – Australia – Jack Irish is a talented PI with a checkered past.

Jack Taylor – 2010 to 2016 – Resistant to rules, ex-cop Jack Taylor becomes a private investigator after losing his job with the Guard.    

Janet King – 2014 to 2017 – Australia – This spinoff from the legal drama Crownies follows Senior Crown Prosecutor Janet King as she returns from maternity leave and progresses through her career.   

Jekyll – 2007 – James Nesbitt (Cold Feet) stars in this modern-day variation on the Jekyll and Hyde story.

Jekyll & Hyde – 2015 – The grandson of Dr. Henry Jekyll has inherited his grandfather's alter ego and personality problems.

Jemima Shore Investigates – 1983 – Patricia Hodge (Miranda) stars in this series about a TV presenter who also dabbles in amateur sleuthing.

Jericho of Scotland Yard – 2005 – This period mystery gives us DI Michael Jericho, a WWII veteran who investigates murders while also seeking to figure out the circumstances surrounding his father’s death.  

Jo – 2013 – Commander Jo Saint-Clair leads a team of detectives in Paris, though the entire series is in English.

Jonathan Creek – 1997 to 2016 – After meeting a pushy investigative journalist, an eccentric magic trick developer also finds himself solving murders.

Judge John Deed – 2001 to 2007 – Judge John Deed is no ordinary judge, and he often finds himself in trouble because of it.

Kat & Alfie: Redwater – 2017 – 32 years after giving her son up for adoption, Kat moves to the town of Redwater in an attempt to find him.

Kavanagh QC – 1995 to 2001 – John Thaw (Inspector Morse) stars as an old barrister with a demanding job and an equally demanding home life.

Keeping Faith – 2017 to present – A Welsh lawyer cuts her maternity leave short when her husband goes missing.  

Kidnap & Ransom – 2011 to 2012 – This series follows the work of a British hostage negotiator.  

Killer Net – 1998 – A psychology student becomes obsessed with a computer game about murder, but it gets scary when it suddenly seems to be connected to real murders.

Killing Eve – 2018 to present – An underutilized MI5 officer pursues an elusive female assassin.  

Kiri – 2018 to present – Sarah Lancashire (Happy Valley) stars as a social worker on the case of Kiri, a young black girl who’s abducted just before her adoption by a white family.

Kiss Me First – 2018 to present – Two girls become friends in the virtual world of an online game, and one is pulled into something much darker than she had imagined.

Law and Order: UK – 2009 to 2014 – This series is an adaptation of the popular American police and court procedural drama.

Lewis aka Inspector Lewis – 2006 to 2015 – This sequel to Inspector Morse picks up where its predecessor left off, with Inspector Lewis heading up challenging investigations around Oxford.

Liar – 2017 to present – After a woman's rapist gets away due to lack of evidence, she takes matters into her own hands.  

Life of Crime – 2013 – A rookie cop chases a young girl's killer for nearly 30 years.

Life on Mars – 2006 to 2007 – DCI Sam Tyler has a car accident in 2006 and wakes up in the 70s.  

Lightfields – 2013 – Lightfields is a miniseries follow-up to Marchlands, in which a tragic death in 1944 leaves a presence that affects all those who eventually live in the haunted home.

Like Father Like Son – 2005 – Things seem to be looking up for one single mother with a dark past, but then her son learns the truth about his father.

Line of Duty – 2012 to present – DS Arnot from the Anti-Corruption Unit investigates a popular DCI after a mistaken shooting.

Little Boy Blue – 2017 – This miniseries tells the story of a young Liverpudlian boy's murder and how his killer was brought to justice.

London Spy – 2015 to 2015 – A brief romance between two very different men draws one of them into a dark world after the other is murdered.

Lord Peter Wimsey – 1972 to 1975 – This series is made up of five feature-length television movies starring Ian Carmichael as Lord Peter Wimsey.

Lovejoy – 1986 to 1994 – Ian McShane stars as Lovejoy, the slightly shady antiques dealer and part-time detective.

Luther – 2010 to present – Idris Elba stars in this gritty series about a brilliant London-based detective whose personal feelings and passions often get him in trouble.