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Dalziel & Pascoe – 1996 to 2007 – Police partners with very different personalities find a way to bond as they solve crimes.

Danger Man – 1960 to 1968 – John Drake is a secret agent whose assignments frequently require him to oversee the preservation of world peace.   

Dark Angel – 2016 – This miniseries tells the story of Mary Ann Cotton, an English serial killer who may or may not have killed several of her husbands and most of her children.

Dark Heart – 2018 to present – DI Wagstaffe leads an investigation into a series of attacks on accused pedophiles.

Dark Realm – 2000 to 2001 – This horror anthology was filmed entirely on the Isle of Man.  

Daylight Robbery – 1999 to 2000 – When four housewives find themselves in financial difficulties, they plan a robbery.  

DCI Banks – 2010 to 2016 – Stephen Tompkinson stars as DCI Alan Banks, a stubborn but competent investigator in Yorkshire.

Death Comes to Pemberley – 2013 to 2014 – A couple is enjoying their 6th anniversary party when something happens to stop it dead.

Death in Paradise – 2011 to present – A British inspector who’s fundamentally incompatible with island life is sent to investigate murders on a tropical island.

Deceit – 2000 – Based on the novel by Clare Francis, Deceit tells the story of a housewife whose husband mysteriously goes missing after a sailing excursion on his yacht.

Deep Water – 2016 – When a young gay man is murdered, investigators find a link to a string of gay murders in the 1980s and 90s.

Demons – 2009 – Luke is just a normal teenage boy until a family friend reveals he's actually the great-grandson of famed vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing.

Dempsey and Makepeace – 1985 to 1986 – When a tough NYPD cop is partnered with a sexy Londoner, sparks fly.   

Department S – 1969 to 1970 – A trio of quirky agents takes on cases others have failed to solve.  

Dirk Gently – 2010 to 2012 – An unusual detective looks to the universe for holistic solutions to mysteries.

DNA – 2004 to 2006 – After a nervous breakdown, criminologist Joe Donovan returns to lead the Forensic Investigations Unit in Manchester.

Doctor Blake Mysteries – 2013 to present – Australia – After 30 years away, the eccentric Doctor Lucien Blake returns home to Ballarat to take over his late father's medical practice and role as police surgeon.     

Doing Money – 2019 to present – This series tells the story of Ana, a young Romanian woman kidnapped in London and sold into sex slavery.

Dracula – 2013 to 2014 – This British-American series shows Dracula coming to London as an American entrepreneur with ulterior motives.

East West 101 – 2007 to 2011 – Australia – Malik and Crowley are a study in opposites as they investigate major crimes.   

Edge of Darkness – 1985 – A police inspector investigates the murder of his daughter, an environmental activist.

Endeavor – 2013 to present – In this prequel to Inspector Morse, a young Endeavour works with Sergeant Thursday to develop his investigative skills.

Escape into Night – 1972 – Confined to bed, a young girl draws an imaginary world she's then able to explore in her dreams – until one night when she finds someone else in her world.

Eternal Law – 2012 – Two angels are sent to York to assist in court cases.

Exile – 2011 – John Simm (Life on Mars) stars in this drama about a man who returns to his hometown after his career implodes, only to find an unfolding mystery that's complicated by his father's Alzheimer's.

Falcón – 2012 – This short series was set in Seville, Spain and based on the crime novels of Robert Wilson.

Father Brown – 2013 to present – Based on the mysteries of GK Chesterson, a Catholic priest solves mysteries in his small English village.

Father Brown – 1974 – A Catholic priest dips his toe into mysteries in spite of the police warning him off.

Fearless – 2017 to 2018 – When human rights lawyer Emma Banville attempts to overturn a convicted murderer's case, she finds a deeper conspiracy than she bargained for.

Finney – 1994 – When the patriarch of a crime family is killed, the search is on to find out who did it.

Five Daughters – 2010 – Set in 2006, this series is about the five victims of the Ipswich serial murders.

Five Days – 2007 to 2010 – A young mother disappears and abandons her children.  

Floodtide – 1987 to 1988 – Set in England and France, this series dives into the world of international cocaine smuggling.  

Forgotten – 1999 – A man is living a peaceful life in the English countryside until a reminder from his past unsettles things.

Fortitude – 2015 to present – On an Arctic Norwegian island, a strange parasite has survived in the ice for thousands of years.  

Fox – 1980 – This early 80s series revolves around the gang-connected South London Fox family.

Foyle's War – 2002 to 2015 – DCS Foyle fights a war against crime in southern England as WWII goes on around him.

Fraud Squad – 1969 to 1970 – Two investigators seek out conmen and fraudsters at all levels of society.  

From Darkness – 2015 – In Greater Manchester, Officer Claire is disturbed by four bodies that seem linked to her past cases.

Frontiers – 1996 – This short-lived crime drama focuses on a rivalry between two police chiefs and their teams.