Sadly, some of these cats are no longer with us due to old age and illness – but it gives you some idea of just how spoiled and loved they are.

Not every cat likes going out, but Mr. Frisky loves it – and there are a couple great, stroller-accessible trails nearby
Mr. Fluffy loves nothing more than to spend his mornings staring out at the ocean
Occasionally, they get lucky and spot an eagle or osprey flying overhead
The Great Puccini was in rough shape when he came to us wild, un-neutered, and un-chipped…
But by Christmas that year he was happy, healthy, and kind of a ham…
He also enjoyed Pride month
(It's worth noting here that only cats who enjoy it get dressed up – it's cute collars or just backdrops for everyone else)
Our kitties are never lacking in enrichment…
…and everyone seems to enjoy the seasonal decor.
It's not uncommon to find the boys sleeping together or watching birds during the afternoon
But they also enjoy getting out the sleeping bags and camping on the living room floor
We do everything we can to keep everyone healthy and happy, but when medical care is needed, we make sure they get the best. This is Mr. Frisky after an intestinal re-sectioning surgery in Portland. It took numerous vet visits, second opinions, and diagnostic tests over the course of 8-9 days before someone figured out what was wrong, but we never stopped fighting for the little guy and he's been doing great since his surgery over a year ago.
Hetty is the newest member of our family. A former alley cat, she had to brave a flight from Illinois to join us in Maine
She's been delighted to discover all that indoor life has to offer (and with a little help from Vet at Your Door and some steroids + B12 injections, she's added more than a pound to her tiny frame)
Sadly, two of these cats are no longer with us, but they enjoyed a 3000-mile road trip together a couple years back. This was in an AirBNB as we crossed the country in an RV (rented to make sure everyone was as comfortable and relaxed as possible during the long trip). Our cats have a happy little family unit, and they all really enjoy being together. Every hour spent cleaning up after them and every dollar spent on their care and food is worth it when you get moments like this one.