Advertising Opportunities with I Heart British TV

If you want to reach a passionate audience of Anglophiles (people who love England or Britain), you're in the right place. We only accept ads or sponsored post opportunities that have some tie to the British Isles or relevance to our audience – and we insist on full disclosure so readers understand the nature of the relationship.

Our audience, as of 2022:

  • Typically between 400,000-600,000 unique pageviews/month. 
  • Facebook Page: ~32,000 followers
  • Facebook Group: ~63,300 members
  • Email Newsletter: ~45-50k subscribers

We also have a sister site, Great British Book Club, with another 9000-10,000 newsletter subscribers and rapidly growing site traffic (currently around 40-50k pageviews/month as of August 2022).

Demographics for I Heart British TV

Demographics for this site are overwhelmingly female, and the audience is mostly older (web and Facebook data tells us roughly half the audience is 60+). A large percentage are retired and able to spend money and travel to the UK. 

Types of Advertising Opportunities

In addition to selling display ads through Mediavine, we're happy to work with you on placements in our email newsletter, in sponsored posts, or on social media. Don't hesitate to reach out to or to discuss the possibilities.