Friday Night Dinner: Series 5 Details

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Last Updated on August 26, 2017 by Stefanie Hutson

If you've never watched Friday Night Dinner, you're missing out on one of the finest comedies currently airing in the UK – and one of only a handful of shows that actually make me laugh out loud on a regular basis. For those who aren't familiar with the show, the basic premise is that every Friday night, a British Jewish family gets together for dinner at the parents' house. Every week, something new and awkward and inappropriate happens. Like this:

Series 5 is Coming

Channel 4 recently confirmed that not only is Friday Night Dinner coming back for a 5th series, but it will continue with all the main characters. Given the amount of change you see on some British shows (Jonathan Creek, Trollied, Death in Paradise, etc.), it's always nice when a show continues to use the same actors.

In series 5, we'll see Jackie and Martin get a hot tub (much to the boys' disgust), and Martin will take up ventriloquism. The producers promise more squirrel, more ridiculous situations, and plenty more weirdo neighbor Jim. The new series will be filmed and broadcast in 2018 – and the DVD release will surely lag behind that a bit.

Where to Watch Friday Night Dinner?

Strangely, Friday Night Dinner is not yet popular here in the United States – probably for lack of exposure. Only Series 1 is available on Amazon streaming, and none of the seasons have made it to any of the other streaming services. You can, however, order the DVDs from the links below. Keep in mind that they're on Region 2 DVDs, meaning you'll need a Region-Free DVD player (<—Click to learn what this means) to play them. I've offered links for both the US and UK Amazon site because you can often save quite a bit ordering from the UK site, and they're happy to charge your US credit card in USD and ship internationally for most items.

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